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Mozart, Portret van een Muziekgenie
Paap, Wouter

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Thursday 30 March 2017

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Klavierstücke

Klavierstücke. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  (1756 - 1791)



Uitgever Henle Verlag
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Throughout his life Mozart composed individual pieces for the keyboard. This wealth of material offers us an exceptional insight into his musical development. For the first time ever, we are now offering all of these works in a single edition. Our edition has been completely revised, taking into account the latest findings in Mozart scholarship. In many instances, sources which have only recently been made available or which have been newly interpreted have formed the cornerstone of the revision. This has also led to the inclusion of works which were not in the previous Henle edition.

Contents :

  • Andante (Nannerl Music Book) KV 1a
  • Allegro (Nannerl Music Book) KV 1b
  • Allegro (Nannerl Music Book) KV 1c
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 1d
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 1e
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 1f
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 2
  • Allegro (Nannerl Music Book) KV 3
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 4
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 5
  • Allegro (Nannerl Music Book) KV 9a (5a)
  • Allegro (Nannerl Music Book) KV 6
  • Andante (Nannerl Music Book) KV 6
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) C major KV 6
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) F major KV 6
  • Minuet (Nannerl Music Book) KV 7
  • Allegro (Nannerl Music Book) KV 8
  • London Music Book KV 15a-15qq
  • Piano Piece F major KV 33B
  • Fugues G major, D major KV 154a (Anh. A 61/62)
  • Fugue g minor KV 401 (375e)
  • Modulierendes Präludium KV deest (Anh. C 15.11)
  • Präludium C major KV 395 (300g)
  • Sonata movement B flat major KV 400 (372a)
  • Prelude (Fantasy) and Fugue C major KV 394 (383a)
  • Fantasy c minor KV 396 (385f)
  • Fantasy d minor KV 397 (385g)
  • Fragment of a Suite C major KV 399 (385i)
  • Marche funèbre del Signor Maestro Contrapunto c minor KV 453a
  • Rondo D major KV 485
  • Rondo a minor KV 511
  • Adagio b minor KV 540
  • Gigue G major KV 574
  • Minuet D major KV 355 (576b)
  • Andantino E flat major KV 236 (588b)
  • Piano Sonata movement g minor KV 312 (590d)
  • Andante for a Musical Clock F major KV 616
  • Adagio for Glass Harmonica C major KV 356 (617a)
  • 12 Minuets KV 103 (61d)
  • Minuet C major KV 61gII
  • Minuet D major KV 94 (73h)
  • 11 Minuets KV 176
  • Kontretänze KV deest (269b)
  • 8 Minuets KV 315a (315g)
  • March C major KV 408/1 (383e)
  • 6 German Dances KV 509
  • Kontretanz "The Thunderstorm", Versions A and B D major KV 534


  • 2 Piano pieces B flat major, E flat major KV Anh. 20a (626b/25)
  • Ballettmusic from "Ascanio in Alba" KV Anh. 207 (Anh. C27.06)
  • Piano Sonata (Allegro and Allegretto) F major KV Anh. 135 (547a)
  • Fragment from the Nannerl Music Book B flat major KV 9b (5b)
  • Fragment from the London Music Book F major KV 15nn
  • Fragment from the London Music Book C major KV 15rr
  • Fragment from the London Music Book C major KV 15ss
  • Fragment (Sarabande) from the Suite C major KV 399 (385i)
(ISMN 9790201800226)