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What Every Violinist Needs to Know about the Body
Johnson, Jennifer

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Sunday 25 July 2021

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Studien. Volmer, Berta



Berta Volmer



Uitgever Schott
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This volume of studies is intended not only as a supplement to the "Viola Method" but also, in the coise and varying difficulties of its contents, to be of value to every student of the Viola. These studies which have been extracted from the multitude of excellent etudes for the Violin for their varying technical problems have been chosen with special regard for their suitability to the Viola. The order in which the student works at these studies is left to his, or his teacher's discretion, and therefore as it is not proposed that the book is worked through from beginning to end but that each technical problem is overcome by the most suitable exercise. Unklike hitherto existing collections the technique of the instrument is divided under 7 main headings. As the bowing exercises are in no way exhaustive space has been left for the student or teacher to devise his own.

  • Studies for the Development of the Technique of the left Hand
  • Studies 1-16 for the Velocity of the left Hand (Trill)
  • Studies 17-23 for the Training of Change of Position
  • Studies 24-32 for the Technique of Double-Stoppings and Chords (Harmonics)
  • Studies for the Development of the Technique of the Bow
  • Studies 33-38 in Detaché and mixed Detaché Bowings
  • Studies 39-46 in Martelé and related Bowings (Staccato, dotted Rhythm, etc.)
  • Studies 47-56 in Spiccato and related Bowings (Sautillé, Flying Staccato)
  • Studies 57-60 on two, three and four strings (Pizzicato)
(ISMN 9790001054386)