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Friday 20 April 2018

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First book of clarinet solos. Album

First book of clarinet solos




Davies, John


Klarinet en piano

Uitgever Faber Music
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The first book of clarinet solos has been prepared with the true beginner in mind. all 28 pieces are arranged in an approximate order of difficulty to provide a wide range of music for study and performance. The pieces cover several centuries and include composers such as Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Schumann. The book aims to draw attention to technical aspects of playing such as tone quality, intonation dynamics and rhythm. Breath marks are included to encourage the rounding off of phrases and help students to establish a naturally expressive and stylistic mode of playing.

John Davies and Paul Reade have drawn widely from the folk, traditional and "classical" repertoire to assemble the 28 pieces of this collection which are presented in order of increasing difficulty. There is a short note of the origin of each piece at the back of the piano accompaniment and these also give advice on phrasing and interpretation. Further technical and stylistic advice is contained in the Preface where the editors suggest "The aim must be to match the flexibility and subtlety of the human voice."


  • Reade: Prelude
  • Romance
  • Traditional: Pierrot
  • Atikvah
  • Finnish Folksong
  • Shepherd's Hey
  • The Apple From The Orchard
  • Berdolin's Sweetheart
  • Schumann: The Merry Peasant
  • Schubert: * * *
  • By The Fireside
  • Diabelli: Scherzo
  • Foster: Beautiful Dreamer
  • Reinecke: Landler
  • Haydn: German Dance
  • Tchaikovsky: Reverie
  • Mozart: Lullaby
  • Purcell: Rondeau
  • MacDowell: To A Wild Rose
  • Rameau: Contredanse
  • Brahms: Andante
  • Scott: The Fascinator
  • Arne: When Daisies Pied
  • Schubert: Theme
(ISBN 9780571506286)