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Piano playing with questions answered
Hofmann, Josef

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Saturday 17 March 2018

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My favorite solo album. Album

My favorite solo album




Eckstein, Maxwell



Uitgever Carl Fischer
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Content :

  • Allegro - Composed by Joesph Haydn
  • Aragonaise - From 'Le Cid', Composed by Jules Massenet
  • Austrian Song, Op.69, No.1 - Composed by J.A. Pacher
  • On The Beautiful Blue Danube - Composed by Johann Strauss Jr.
  • Butterflies, Op.59, No.2 - Composed by W. Lege
  • The Cellist - Composed by V.W. Scoville
  • China Doll - Composed by Maxwell Eckstein
  • Consolation, Op.30, No.3 - Composed by Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn
  • Le Coucou - Composed by C. Daquin
  • Country Gardens - Composed by Morris Dance Tune
  • Dance Caprice, Op.28, No.3 - Composed by Edvard Grieg
  • The Dancer - Composed by M. Littoff
  • Dorothy - Composed by S. Smith
  • Fur Elise - Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Fountain, The - Composed by C. Bohm
  • Gertrude's Dream Waltz - Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Gypsies' Camp, The, Op.424, No.3 - Composed by F. Behr
  • Gypsy Rondo - Composed by Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Gold And Silver - Composed by Franz Lehar
  • Happy Farmer, The, Op.68, - Composed by Robert Schumann
  • Humoreske, Op.101, No.7 - Composed by Antonin Dvorak
  • Hungarian Rhapsody, No.2, Themes - Composed by Franz Liszt
  • In The Meadow, Op.95 - Composed by H. Lichner
  • Jean And Babette - Composed by Maxwell Eckstein
  • Knight Rupert, Op.68, No.12 - Composed by Robert Schumann
  • L'Avalanche (The Water Sprites), Op.45, No.2 - Composed by Stephen Heller
  • Little Menuet In G - Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Little Navajo, The - Composed by M. Littoff
  • Marines' Hymn, The - Composed by Official Song Of The United States Marine Corps
  • Menuet in G Major - Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Minuet in G Major - Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Mineut No.1, With Trio - Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • The Music Box - Composed by Ede Poldini
  • Rondo Alla Turca, Op.68 - Composed by F.Burgmuller
  • Rustic Dance - Composed by C.R. Howell
  • Scarf Dance - Composed by Cecile Chaminade
  • Scotch Poem, Op.31, No.2 - Composed by E.A. Mac Dowell
  • Serenade - Composed by Franz Schubert
  • Soldiers' March, Op.68, No.2 - Composed by Robert Schumann
  • Solfeggietto - Composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  • Sonatina Op.36, No.1 - Composed by Muzio Clementi
  • Sonatina In G Major - Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Spinning Song, Op.14 - Composed by A. Ellmenreich
  • Swinging Lanterns - Composed by Maxwell Eckstein
  • Tales from the Vienna Woods - Composed by Johann Strauss Jr.
  • Taps - Composed by L. Von Haupt
  • Tarentelle - Composed by P. Beaumont
  • Tulip, Op.111, No.4 - Composed by H. Lichner
  • Turkey In The Straw -
  • Unfinished Symphony, Theme - Composed by Franz Schubert
  • Valse - Composed by A. Durand
  • Valsette - Composed by F. Borowski
  • Venetian Boat Song No.2, Op.30, No.6 - Composed by Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn
  • Voice Of The Heart, Op.51 - Composed by H. Van Gael
  • Wild Horseman, The, Op.68, No.8 - Composed by Robert Schumann
(ISBN 9780825801549)