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Tipboek Piano en Vleugel
Pinksterboer, Hugo

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Friday 29 May 2020

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Sam Willems: Organic Sightreading - Vol.2

Organic Sightreading - Vol.2. Willems, Sam

Organic Sightreading - Vol.2


Sam Willems



Uitgever Sunfishing Creations
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This unique book is your ultimate guide to reading piano music without any frustration. In this second volume we continue our work and will discover two new floors in the Clef Hotel After laying the groundwork in Volume One it is time to overcome our fear of heights for the right hand and climb up to the Clef Hotel's fourth floor, as well as dig one floor deeper down the belly of the earth. In the first part we will not only work our brain's reflexes to quickly recognise notes on the fourth line of both staves, we will also feel the excruciating task of making that weakest of all fingers more flexible. Indeed your fourth finger will be stretched to overcome its anatomical dependance to the third finger.

But take enough breaks and don't ever force it! Time will bring relief :-)

A new rhythm will be introduced as well, thus expanding our repertoire once more and creating the possibility to decipher new and more complex pieces much faster. Using everyday language and words to understand, memorize and internalize these simple rhythms. BUT don't worry, just like in our first volume, the exercises our progressive. So you will slowly become aware of all the processes that are going on inside your brain when reading notes on a piano score. It's your job to get used to and eventually control the chaos!

Experience has shown that after successfully finishing the first volume of Organic Sightreading, you will feel much more comfortable starting in this second volume. You will feel much more in control of your hands and guide the position of your fingers on the keyboard. You will feel in control of your eyes as they move across the piano score. All this control will help grow your confidence, whenever you will be attacking a new piece of music. You will start to trust your hands, your eyes and your own brain.

After focusing on the second, third and fourth finger in Part 1 and Part 2, we will combine our previous skills from Volume One and our new skills from Volume Two in Part 3 and Part 4 of this book.

Without necessarily knowing any of the notenames, you will be able to read piano scores with both hands up to the fourth line of the Treble and Bass Clef! In the fifth and last part we will gather all of your knowledge and expand it through actual songs you play and interpret. The original compositions that were written to your level of sight-reading skills thus far, will give some sense of satisfaction as you work your way through a more harmonic realm of music playing.

But these pieces also offer new obstacles you have to overcome when deciphering them. Although these obstacles might frighten at first, they are necessary to bridge the gap between the exercises of the Organic Sightreading-method and the music you will hopefully play one day. As a plus in this volume, we will briefly touch on the aspect of interpretation, hopefully helping you to discover your own personality through the language of music.