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Zingen voor Dummies
Philips, P.S.

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Thursday 21 June 2018

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American Aria Anthology (Soprano). Album

American Aria Anthology (Soprano)




Zang en piano

Uitgever Schirmer
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This landmark series collects compelling, useful, singer-friendly arias from a distinctly American opera tradition. Each volume includes information about every opera and an aria plot note. A majority of the music in the four volumes has never before been available outside of the opera vocal scores, and some arias in the series have never been in print at all before now. Most arias are appropriate for college-level singers. Composers such as Samuel Barber, William Bolcom, Douglas Moore, Virgil Thomson and Gian Carlo Menotti are well represented. Additionally, arias are included from important works such as Regina, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Ghosts of Versailles, The Great Gatsby, Little Women and many others.

  • Al norte (To the North!) from SIMON BOLIVAR (T. Musgrave)
  • Always Through The Changing from THE BALLAD OF BABY DOE (D. Moore)
  • Be good to her from THE SAINT OF BLEECKER STREET (G.C. Menotti)
  • Birdie's Aria from REGINA (M. Blitzstein)
  • The Black Swan from THE MEDIUM (G.C. Menotti)
  • Bride's Song, The from THE LABYRINTH (G.C. Menotti)
  • But you do not know this man from A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE (W. Bolcom)
  • Dear Husband: Come this fall from JOHN BROWN (K. Mechem)
  • Dearest Mama from THE BALLAD OF BABY DOE (D. Moore)
  • Do not utter a word from VANESSA (S. Barber)
  • Escchame from FLORENCIA IN EL AMAZONAS (D. Catn)
  • Fair Robin I love from TARTUFFE (K. Mechem)
  • Father, I beg you from TARTUFFE (K. Mechem)
  • Give me some music from ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (S. Barber)
  • Green finch and linnet bird from SWEENEY TODD (S. Sondheim)
  • Have peace, Jo from LITTLE WOMEN (M. Adamo)
  • Hello! Oh, Margaret, it's you from THE TELEPHONE (G.C. Menotti)
  • I have been wandering through the green woods from WUTHERING HEIGHTS (B. Herrmann)
  • I have dreamt from WUTHERING HEIGHTS (B. Herrmann)
  • I want magic! from A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (A. Previn)
  • Joy beyond measure, Mother! from LITTLE WOMEN (M. Adamo)
  • Kiss Me Not Goodbye from THE MIGHTY CASEY (W. Schuman)
  • Lola's Aria from GALLANTRY (D. Moore)
  • Loved One, Beloved from TEA (Tan Dun)
  • Monica's Waltz from THE MEDIUM (G.C. Menotti)
  • Music, music, music from REGINA (M. Blitzstein)
  • My sleeping beauty from THE HERO (G.C. Menotti)
  • Now, my fairest friend from WINTER'S TALE (J. Harbison)
  • Oh, Sweet Jesus from THE SAINT OF BLEECKER STREET (G.C. Menotti)
  • Open the window from WUTHERING HEIGHTS (B. Herrmann)
  • Prayer, A from THE MIGHTY CASEY (W. Schuman)
  • Sea Air from A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (A. Previn)
  • Silver Aria, The from THE BALLAD OF BABY DOE (D. Moore)
  • Somehow I never could believe from STREET SCENE (K. Weill)
  • Steal me, sweet thief from THE OLD MAID AND THE THEIF (G.C. Menotti)
  • The Foreign Woman's Aria from THE CONSUL (G.C. Menotti)
  • They are always with me from THE GHOSTS OF VERSAILLES (J. Corigliano)
  • To this we've come from THE CONSUL (G.C. Menotti)
  • What good would the moon be? from STREET SCENE (K. Weill)
  • What will it be for me? from REGINA (M. Blitzstein)
  • Where is the old warm world? from THE GREAT GATSBY (J. Harbison)
  • Who is there to love me? from A HAND OF BRIDGE (S. Barber)
  • Why must the greatest sorrows come from VANESSA (S. Barber)
  • Willow Song from THE BALLAD OF BABY DOE (D. Moore)
(ISBN 9780634044748)