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Sunday 9 August 2020

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Flute Basics Teacher's Book. Adams, Sally

Flute Basics Teacher's Book


Sally Adams


Dwarsfluit en piano

Uitgever Faber Music
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Flute Basics is a landmark method by one of the leading figures in flute education. It starts at absolute beginner level and progresses to about Grade 2.

There are 22 stages and each section includes a wonderful variety of concert pieces from the great composers, traditional tunes and fun, original exercises, 'finger gyms' and 'warm ups' to help establish a sound technique, 'factfiles' and 'quizzes' to teach notation and general musicianship, helpful, clear 'fingering charts' and 'rhythm boxes' and great illustration.

This teacher's book offers tips on how to approach new techniques and motivate young players. This book would be particularly helpful for teachers who are not flute specialists.


  • Twinkle, twinkle little sputnik
  • Head-joint Harlequin
  • Head-joint relay (duet)
  • Pavane
  • Head-joint Hobo
  • Goose and gander
  • Bread and butter
  • Girls and boys and grandma
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  • Aria
  • A musical box
  • Hebrew Melody
  • Midnight tango
  • Icacato - the sacred lake
  • Compact chorale
  • Warm-up
  • I like to B by the C
  • Mysterious madrigal
  • March of the marsupials
  • Au clair de la lune
  • Celtic lament
  • When the saints go marching in
  • Blue boogie
  • Under a-rest
  • Jingle bells
  • There's no escape
  • Funfair fanfare (trio)
  • Wallie's waltz
  • Lotus flower
  • Pogo stick
  • Figaro's Tune
  • Play it again, Bob!
  • Arabian Nights
  • Spooks
  • Suo-gan
  • A tuna day
  • Strangers in the night
  • This way and that
  • Big Ben
  • Crooked calypso
  • The song of the Volga boatmen
  • Harem dance
  • Seedy blues
  • All tied up
  • Daisy Bell
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Moorish dance (duet)
  • Blue riff
  • The roamin' gnomes
  • Clown dance
  • C sharps ahead (duet)
  • It's jolly to swing (round for 3 players)
  • The first Nowell
  • Turn again, Whittington
  • Awake, my love
  • Strawberries and cream
  • A road to somewhere
  • Free as a bird
  • Easy does it
  • Shortnin' bread
  • Quem pastores (duet)
  • From Neasden with love
  • Great 'F'ort required
  • Quelle est cette odeur agreable?
  • Rest assured
  • The Can-Can from Orpheus in the Underworld
  • Jazzmin's waltz
  • Gorgeous George
  • Groovin' grannies
  • Gymnastic gerbils
  • Slane
  • Minuet from Alcina
  • Only the heart aches (duet)
  • Wistful waltz
  • The earwig etude
  • Spooky moment
  • Entrance of the eloquent elephants (trio)
  • All through the night
  • You-rang-a-tango
  • The energetic eccentric
  • The elegant elephant
  • The envious enevelope
  • Scarborough fair
  • King Tut's tap-dancing team
  • Fur Elise
  • Spam and sausage fanfare
  • The adventurous acrobat
  • The angelic apricot
  • The animated apeman
  • Siberian song (trio)
  • Rondo from Horn Concerto No 4
  • Moment triste
  • Rumpty tumpty
  • Theme from the Archers
  • Gymnopedie
  • When Alan met Sally
  • Playtime rag
  • Emily's half-term blues
  • Sidewalk swing
  • The Battle cry of the aphids
  • Embouchures from Amsterdam (duet)
  • Greensleeves
  • Theme from Blackadder
  • Reely Hard
  • Funky Cs 1
  • Funky Cs 2
  • Jacks maggot
  • Spanish lullaby
  • Menuett
  • No 3 from Four Irish Dances
  • La foret argentee
(ISBN 9780571520008)