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Zingen voor Dummies
Philips, P.S.

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Sunday 21 April 2019

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Reliquary of English Songs - Vol.1

Reliquary of English Songs - Vol.1. Album

Reliquary of English Songs - Vol.1




Potter, Frank


Zang en piano

Uitgever Schirmer
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  • About The Sweet Bag Of A Bee
  • Ah! The Syghes Th Cm Fro'heart
  • Arise,Ye Subterranean Winds
  • I Attempt from Love's Sickness (Purcell)
  • Awake,Sweet Love (Dowland)
  • Barbara Allen
  • Beauty And Love (Lawes)
  • British Grenadiers, The
  • Cease,O My Sad Soul (Purcell)
  • Come Again, Sweet Love (Dowland)
  • Come, Lovely Phillis (Lawes)
  • Dido's Lament (Purcell)
  • Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
  • Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow?
  • Hence, With Your Trifling Deity
  • How Happy Art Thou (Lawes)
  • The Hunt Is Up
  • I Do Confess (Lawes)
  • I Live Not Where I Love
  • I Pass All My Hours (Humphrey)
  • I Prethee,Send Me Back My Heart
  • In The Quick Spirit Of Your Eye
  • It Was A Lover And His Lass
  • Knotting Song,The (Purcell)
  • Let Us Dance, Let Us Sing (Purcell)
  • Lilliburlero
  • Little Love Serves My Turn
  • Love Will Find Out The Way
  • Next, Winter Comes Slowly
  • Now Is Th Month Of Maying(Morley
  • Now,O Now I Needs Must Part
  • Nymphs and Shepherds (Purcell)
  • Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
  • Pastime With Good Company
  • Phillida And Coridon
  • Phillis,Talk Not More Of Passion
  • Phillis,The The New-Made Hay
  • Phillis,Why Should We Delay
  • Sally In Our Alley
  • Self-Banished,The (Blow)
  • Shepherd,Sh,Leave Decoying
  • Sumer Is Icumen In (Summer Is A-Coming In)
  • The Three Ravens
  • Tobacco's But And Indian Weed
  • Wert Thou More Fairer Than T Art
  • When I Have Often Heard Young Maidens Complaining (Purcell)
  • What If A Day
  • When The King Enjoys His Own Agn
  • Why Should'st Thou Sweare I Am
  • Willow Song (from THE BALLAD OF BABY DOE)
  • Wronge Not,Deare Empress/Hearte
  • You Gentlemen Of England
(ISBN 9781458417466)