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Monday 20 May 2019

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Bekijk een voorbeeldpagina! Culloden - Movement III - Giroux, Julie


Culloden - Movement III


Julie Giroux



Uitgever Musica Propria
Bestelbaar Dit artikel is niet (meer) in voorraad. De levertermijn bedraagt normaal twee tot drie weken. Art.-no. 70877

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This movement is a conversation amongst some men in hiding a few days after Culloden, with topics ranging from "Why were the MacPhearsons late?" to "Where will I go now?" It is a human recounting of the whole rising of "’45" told by the men who witnessed it. I tried to incorporate tunes appropriate to their subjects: Prince Charles, food – the lack thereof, whiskey – a necessity, Clan Battle Calls, patriotic songs, marriage songs (for many of them married all during the campaign), bawdy sex songs, even a pipe jig that Prince Charles supposedly parlor-danced to two days prior to the battle of Culloden. There is Johnny Cope, a tune commemorating their victory at Prestopans earlier in the uprising (which is still used today as reveille in the Scottish Pipe Regiments) and Killie Crankie, a 350-year-old to date battle victory call-to-arms as well as some good old-fashioned spousal discording, kilt-swirling and whiskey-drinking pipe reels!
The finale ends on a positive note, since the Scots always seem to land on their feet in mid-stride, confirming their honor, heritage and steadfastness in the single sentence: "I don’t know where I am to go now, but I do know, wherever I go, Scotland goes with me!"
Culloden’s three movements (the first two are available separately) may be performed singly, in pairs (I & II, II & III) or as the complete set. Additional historical information is at the end of the score.

Grade: 5


Culloden - Movements I & II