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Tipboek Drums
Pinksterboer, Hugo

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Wednesday 16 June 2021

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Songo Concertino. Eubanks, Michael

Songo Concertino


Michael Eubanks



Uitgever Tapspace Publications
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Rhythm Rocket comes with a full, bound score and includes a CD-ROM containing an audio recording, play-along audio accompaniment, and PDFs available for printing.

Songo Concertino is a groovy percussion ensemble designed for younger players that uses all common, non-pitched instruments found in most band rooms. The moderate tempo allows the developing ensemble to focus on establishing a groove while having fun! The piece can also be performed with some part doubling by larger groups if necessary.

Instrumentation: Splash cymbal, claves, triangle, shaker, 2 ride cymbals, 2 pairs of hi-hats, crash cymbal, large woodblock, snare drum, 2 cowbells (small and large), bongos, 4 tom toms (10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch), concert bass drum.

Instrumentation: Short Verison: Buckets, practice pads (with rims or two playing zones), or any combination of drums. For that matter, anything that can produce two sounds and be played with sticks may be used (e.g., wooden stools or music stands).

Alternatively, hand drums (e.g., tubanos, djembes, water jugs, etc.) may be used in the short version.

Longer Version: Same as the Short Version, but without the hand drum option.

The short version is geared towards elementary school students or first-time performers, and can be played using sticks or hands on drums like tubanos, djembes, or bongos. The long version requires sticks and is a tad more involved. Both versions remain attainable and fun!

John Willmarth's Rhythm Rocket is a great piece for beginning percussion performers. It comes with two versions-short and long. Both versions are accompanied by funky and fun play-along tracks that will keep even the squirreliest of children focused! In both versions the performers can customize their own instrumentation with anything that can yield two different sounds (e.g., buckets, music stands, or even stools).