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Wednesday 24 January 2018

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Sing it first. Gordon, Wycliffe

Sing it first


Wycliffe Gordon


Raph, Alan



Uitgever Kendor Music
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"Wycliffe Gordon is one of the greatest trombonists that I've ever heard. He's a phenomenal jazz musician and no one plays the instrument easier than Wycliffe. He takes the instrument to its limits in every direction. This book tells us his secrets and I'm practicing them right now. Guess what... it's working!"
Scott Hartman
Professor of Trombone, Yale School of Music

"Wycliffe Gordon is one of the most intuitive musicians I have ever met in my life. Unlike the category of genius that people like to think cannot be explained, Wycliffe has always been forthcoming and clear in how he has developed his approach to making music. We are all better for having Wycliffe Gordon in the world and this wonderful methodology will help everyone to find their true inner voice."
Jens Lindemann
Professor of Trumpet, UCLA

"The consummate artist/teacher, Dr. Wycliffe Gordon has a unique talent for clearing the obstacles from the path leading to mastery of the instrument. He communicates his process clearly, directly and honestly, and his desire and ability to "pass it on" comes through loud and clear."
Cheryl Y. Boga
Conductor and Director, Performance Music, The University of Scranton

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