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Jazzology: An Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for all Musicians
Rawlins, Robert; Bahha, Nor Eddine

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Friday 19 August 2022

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John Tsapidis: Improvisation As Never Seen Before

Improvisation As Never Seen Before. Tsapidis, John

Improvisation As Never Seen Before


John Tsapidis

Uitgever Music Methods & Servicing
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In this method improvisation is viewed and taught as an autonomous subject that stands on its own. This method is addressed to students of music and musicians who play any kind of instrument and any genre of music (including the standards of Jazz).

To be 100% certain as to the reliability of his didactic method the author sought the guidance and approval of several colleagues (i.e. professors of music) long before the publishing of his method. This method has been read and approved by four distinguished professors of music. Their supportive commentaries have been printed at the back cover. It has been also revised several times following the useful guidelines of Dr. Rod Paton regarding the didactic part and the accessibility of the method.

It is 100% realistic in that it puts the focus on outlining and using the process that takes place whenever a professional improviser wishes to craft an improvisation on a certain tune.

Its concrete step-by-step methodology is strongly supported by examples and assignments.

It is well balanced and varied, spanning from the view points and definitions of the author to the view points and definitions of various academics and professors.

The chapter "Implementation of the recommended method" covers all kinds of existing improvisations.

In the entirety of examples two of them are very well known:

  • Happy Birthday to You (to encourage the student and the beginner).
  • Fur Elise (for those who love the classics)

This method is totally different from all currently existing methods that refer to improvisation which are focused exclusively on Jazz, (providing plenty of jazz patterns, extended chords, etc) Other methods are focused (a) either on the technique of a certain instrument (squeezing the subject of improvisation in a few pages) or (b) on the material which could be used for the crafting of an improvisation.

(ISBN 9781456778194)