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Thursday 28 May 2020

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Beth M. Bolton, Alison Reynolds, Wendy H. Valeiro, Cynthia Taggart, Edwin Gordon: Music Play - The early childhood music curriculum

Music Play - The early childhood music curriculum. Bolton, Beth M.; Reynolds, Alison; Valeiro, Wendy H.; Taggart, Cynthia; Gordon, Edwin

Music Play - The early childhood music curriculum


Beth M. Bolton, Alison Reynolds, Wendy H. Valeiro, Cynthia Taggart, Edwin Gordon

Uitgever Gia Publications
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GIA Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the publication of Music Play: The Early Childhood Music Curriculum, Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Care-givers, a complete full-color book and CD resource for early childhood music classes.
Children are naturally fascinated with sound and movement play as they teach themselves how to function in the world. Moreover, each child born on this earth has the potential to learn music. Without early, sequential music development guidance, however, the potential for true music understanding and enjoyment is left underdeveloped in most children.
This developmentally appropriate music series is based on the groundbreaking book A Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children (Edwin E. Gordon, GIA Publications, Inc., 1997) as well as years of practical and experimental research. Music Play is designed to assist teachers, parents, and caregivers of newborn and young children in the development of basic music skills such as singing, rhythm chanting, and moving.
By using this compilation of music and movement activities you will discover the pure delight of playing music and movement games with children. You will learn how to provide a rich music environment for them, how to listen to and understand the sounds they make, and how to reinforce each child's music and movement creativity through imitation and improvisation using audiation (the ability each of us has to think music). Consequently, you will lay the foundation for a lifetime of music and movement participation, understanding, and enjoyment for the children in your care.
The Music Play Guide includes 57 songs and rhythm chants in a variety of tonalities and meters and over 200 music and movement activities designed to assist you in organizing sequential music and movement experiences for newborn and young children. Each of the songs and rhythm chants found in the Guide is recorded on the accompanying compact disc or cassette.
The beautiful full-color book and CD set includes photos of children engaged in music activities. The book includes notation and lesson plans adapted to the individual needs of each child, as well as a complete introduction to how young children learn when they learn music.

(ISBN 9781579990275)