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Monday 17 January 2022

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Early VoiceGym. Caine, Angela

Early VoiceGym


Angela Caine

Uitgever Voicegym
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Early VoiceGym is a simple Voice and Body Exercise programme, for children from 5 to 10 years old, to develop singing, speech and posture. This provides an invaluable tool for any parent, junior or infant teacher, music teacher or music therapy specialist. Not only does it encourage the singing and movement of children and leave you 'hands free' to move and sing with them, it also explains the links between the development of the voice and the development of posture, coordination and dentition (not generally covered in anyone's training), and how these can effect not only the voice, but the brain as well.

Aims of Early VoiceGym

  • To get children singing well at an early age
  • To strengthen the connections between the development of voice, posture, brain and dentition
  • To maintain the connection between speech and singing, often lost in early schooling
  • To develop children's confidence
  • To encourage them to support and help one another
  • To get parents involved with and understanding this connected development
  • To give children better speech to read aloud and communicate with
  • To give everyone the foundations of a good voice for life
  • To inform parents and teachers of early stages in the development of children's coordination, voices, dentition, and posture so that potential problems can be detected and prevented before the more complicated stages of puberty and adulthood are reached
  • To make singing fun for the whole family

Why a special Voice and Body Exercise Programme for Children?

  • Find out more about early development
  • Find out more about individual courses and workshops.

The complete Early VoiceGym pack includes...

  • Early VoiceGym SongBook - a book with exercises and songs with instructions and an audio CD
  • Early VoiceGym NoteBook - a book of notes on the early development of children and the background to the exercises
  • A DVD demonstrating the programme with children
  • Two stretch bands of different weights - one light for children, one medium for an adult
(ISBN 9780955479932)