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Thursday 22 October 2020

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Alexander Vinitsky: The Most Beautiful Compositions

The Most Beautiful Compositions. Vinitsky, Alexander

The Most Beautiful Compositions


Alexander Vinitsky  (1950 - … )



Uitgever Ab Sonic
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The most beautiful compositions of world famous composer Alexander Vinitsky:

  • Jazz Aria
  • Yellow Camel
  • Song For Tom
  • I'm Waiting For You Tonight In Small Cafe
  • Water And Light.

WIth typical Vinitsky Latin rhythms, jazz harmony and most of all - melody. 36 pp. A4. Language version: English/Polish

Press review 1: „This is a nice Polish collection that includes seven of Vinitsky's guitar solos: Jazz Aria, Eugeny, Yellow Camel, Song for Tom, I'm Waiting for You Tonight in a Small Cefe, Water and Light, and Samba for Five. It's not indicated who chose these pieces, thought it was probably the composer himself who gave or suggested the compositions for this publication. All of them are composed in his popular and already well-recognized style, which combines jazz, blues, and Latin American music, especially the Brazilian bossa nova form. In most of them we also feel an author who is very fond of improvisation. (...) For all of those who like this kind of music, trying to find this published album is definitely worthwhile." Uros' Dojćinović (Suondboard Vol 37 No 2, 07.2012).

Press review 2: „(...) The set is a mixture of Samba, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Swing and contemporary and there is enough contrasting material between the pieces as to make up a lengthy "suite". Of particular attractiveness is the evocative "I'm Waiting For You Tonight in a Samall Cafe" which gathers together some gorgeous sounds throughout its six pages. For any lover of this style of music who is in the upper grade bracket, I can thoroughly recommend this collection of engaging, interesting and delightful music.(...)" Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine 12.2011)

Press review 3: „I am pleased to present you another collection of works of Alexander Vinitsky - Russian guitarist and composer well-known to Polish guitar music performers as well as fans of this instrument. A collection of meaningful and unequivocal title: "The most beautiful compositions..." contains seven tracks and introduces us to the diverse world of creative possibilities of Alexander Vinitsky. We can briefly say, that it is a collection of jazz harmony composed with the Latino rhythms. Difficulty level can be described as for advanced but I think the talented students of senior classes of the music school degree could also try to deal with some of the compositions. Each track is provided with helpful tips and hints from the composer. Collection opens "Jazz Aria", which was recorded by the prematurely deceased famous Polish guitarist Marek Długosz on the album "On the Way". It is a very spontaneous particular and musically compact composiotion with a rather difficult courses of the triplets. Another composition is "Eugeny" with etudes nature with a nice, calm melody. This is what I could recommend for students of senior classes of schools of I music degree. "Yellow Camel" introduces us to the lively rhythm of the samba. In this composition melody is carried in the lower voice and the harmony emphasizes its beauty. "Song for Tom" begins with intro of unlimited interpretations. Then we can hear swaying soul bossa "I'm Waiting for You Tonight in Small Cafe" - song dedicated to the composer's beloved wife. Beautiful, romantic song carried in the middle voice in the rhythm of calm and swaying bossa. Quite extensive composition (6 pages). "Water and Light" (dedicated to Marek Długosz) begins with a spacious intro. Play and hear all the sounds like you would hear an echo - tip from the composer. Conducted on the "p" finger. Very calm composition. You can say that a little less jazz. Collection ends spontaneous and vivacious composition "Samba for Five". Attractive flageolet intro reflects the character of the fiery southern samba. It is a master track. In the summary - "The Most Beautiful Compositions of Alexander Vinitsky" is an excellent material not only didactic for young adepts of guitar arts. A wide range of styles, rich harmony and difficulty make this very interesting item on our market which can be widely used. The book is published without CD - it certainly has its opponents and supporters. In the era of widespread computerization it is surely not a problem for opponents. Once again Alexander Vinitsky gave a proof that he is a musician of a new trend. He can easily combine elements of Latino music with a subtle and rich jazz harmony." Mariola Adamiak (www.laguitarra.pl 20.12.2010)

(ISBN 9788362030156)