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Pinksterboer, Hugo

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Tuesday 26 May 2020

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Wolfgang Wierzyk: Discovering Boogie & Blues Piano

Discovering Boogie & Blues Piano. Wierzyk, Wolfgang

Discovering Boogie & Blues Piano


Wolfgang Wierzyk


Piano met cd

Uitgever Schott
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Boogie Woogie and Blues music has always been a popular style amongst pianists, but it can be all too difficult to find interesting, effective and fun teaching methods - now you need not look any further! Discovering Boogie & Blues Piano by Wolfgang Wierzyk, for the first time available in English translation is the revised and expanded edition of the bestselling German title "Die Boogie & Blues" Methode" (SPL 1025). Taking you step by step through technical aspects of the playing style, as well as guidance in improvisation, historical information and recommendations for further listening, Discovering Boogie & Blues Piano is an ideal introduction to this style of music.

The book is accompanied by a CD recording of all exercises and pieces performed by the author.


  • Introduction
  • Aims of the Course, History of Blues and Boogie
  • The Blue Notes, the 12 Bar Blues Scheme
  • Improvisation, Features of Boogie-Woogie
  • Instructions for Use
  • Star It Up
  • The Beat Boes On
  • Building the Melody: Alternating Thirds
  • Building the Melody: Third Syncopations
  • Experiments in Improvisation, Liberating the Drone Note
  • It's Groove Time
  • The Blues Scale
  • The First Blue Note
  • Double the Hands, Double the Groove
  • Thickening the Groove
  • Two-handed Comping Variations
  • Seventh Chords, Adding to the Blues Scale
  • Courage to Leave Gaps
  • Filling the Gaps
  • Thirds Lick and Scale Loops
  • Triplets in the Melody
  • A New Hobby
  • Links in the Boogie Chain
  • Slippery Fingers
  • The Second Blue Note as a Triplet Lick
  • Striding the Blues in C Minor
  • Improvisation in C Minor
  • The Next Level Up
  • Two into One
  • Blues Ballad in A Minor
  • Improvisation in A Minor
  • Family Gathering
  • Ear Candy
  • In Chains
  • Playing as a Team
  • Brass and Guitar
  • Bass and Drums
  • Halfway There
  • Varying the Root Licks, Thirds Runs
  • Your Own Handiwork
  • Add Your Own Solos
  • Transposing Licks
  • Transposing: How to Go About It
  • Blues Drone Scale
  • A New Comping Pattern
  • Comping Pattern I
  • Examples
  • Old Boogie, New Pattern
  • The Prep Boogie
  • Crushed Notes, Read the Small Print
  • Crushed Notes (continued)
  • Listen and Play
  • Preparation
  • Lick Reunited
  • Lick Bariations
  • A Close Fit
  • Boogie Chain III
  • QWalking Bass Patterns
  • Variations on the Blues Scheme
  • Boogie Walking Basses, Boogie Walk in G
  • Walking Bass Examples . Blues and Jazz Conmping
  • Trills
  • Walking Bass Vaqriants, Counter Line on G
  • Your First Walking Bass Boogie
  • The Sixths Connection
  • Chop the Walk
  • Of Ornaments and Other Beautiful Things
  • The All Inclusive Boogie
  • Stretching Out
  • Clusters
  • The Amen Formula
  • Save the Best for Last
  • Lick Roll
  • The Devil is in the Detail
  • Boogie Chain IV in G, Lick Transfer C to G
  • Lick Transfers from C to G and back
  • Comping Patterns II
  • Examples
  • Practising Comping Patterns
  • Lady in Blue
  • Ladies Boogie: Notes
  • Ladies Boogie: Examples
  • Virtuoso Boogie Finale
  • In the Beginning was the Intro
  • Leave Them Wanting More
  • Glossary
  • CD Track Listing
(ISMN 9790220132193)