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Het Mozart Effect
Campbell, Don

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Saturday 24 August 2019

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Edward Kreitman: Teaching from the Balance Point

Teaching from the Balance Point. Kreitman, Edward

Teaching from the Balance Point


Edward Kreitman

Uitgever Wsste Publications
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A definitive resource for Suzuki Teachers and Parents, Teaching From the Balance Point draws on Suzuki Teacher and Teacher Trainer Edward Kreitman's decades of experience teaching and working with the pioneers of the Suzuki Method in America. 

"Teaching from the Balance Point is a work of common sense, clearly presented, with pertinent explanations and descriptions for both teachers and parents. Kreitman's style is congenial rather than pedantic, and practical rather than theoretical. This book is a welcome addition to the literature of pedagogy. 

John Kendall 

 "Teaching from the Balance Point gives teachers and parents insights into the intricacies of teaching violin techniques to children through the Suzuki Method. This book not only inspires the careful development of skills so necessary for success, it also offers a wealth of creative suggestions on how to proceed in orderly fashion. It reflects the depth of understanding and dedication to the student that has marked Ed Kreitman's extremely effective teaching for the past twenty years. It is a 'must' fo every beginner's packet and every teacher's library." ​

Doris Preucil, S.A.A. registered teacher trainer, Past President of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, board member of the International Suzuki Association, founder and Director Emeritus of the Preucil School of Music ​​ 

​ For less than the cost of a single lesson, Mr. Kreitman has given us twenty years worth of teaching experience between the covers of his book. What Suzuki parent can afford not to purchase this guide." 

Elizabeth Moore, parent of four Suzuki-trained musicians