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Jazzology: An Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for all Musicians
Rawlins, Robert; Bahha, Nor Eddine

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Thursday 19 October 2017

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Neil Shaw-Hulme, Joseph Alexander: Major II V I Bebop Soloing

Major II V I Bebop Soloing. Shaw-Hulme, Neil; Alexander, Joseph

Major II V I Bebop Soloing


Neil Shaw-Hulme, Joseph Alexander


Saxofoon met cd

Uitgever Fundamental Changes
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Containing over an hour of audio examples and backing tracks, Fundamental Changes is a logical, in-depth soloing study of the important major II V I chord progressions in jazz. Aimed at the intermediate saxophonist or first time jazz soloist, this comprehensive work takes the student from first principles, right through to the advanced substitutions and extensions that can be played over each chord of the progression. The focus of the book is on playing rather than theory, and while there is often a brief explaination of the necessary concepts involved, each of the 20 chapters emphasises playing and creating music.

Fundamental Changes contains 163 individual notated examples. Each musical example has a corresponding audio file and they are all available for free download from www.fundamental-changes.com

In addition, there are 6 backing tracks for the student to use while practicing the jazz lines they are learning to construct.

The concept is to get students playing jazz quickly, and absorbing the theory naturally. Major II V I Soloing For Bebop Saxophone covers: arpeggios, extensions, chromatic approach notes, the bebop scale, the tritone substitution, key changes and much more.

(ISBN 9781910403259)