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Saturday 25 January 2020

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Simon Fischer: Tone - Experimenting with Proportions

Tone - Experimenting with Proportions. Fischer, Simon

Tone - Experimenting with Proportions


Simon Fischer

Uitgever Fitzroy Music Press
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A landmark addition to the literature of the violin, it is designed for all players from near-beginner to concert violinist.

The new control and evenness that comes into the bow arm and tone, after only a short practice of these ultra-simple exercises, is really extraordinary. And it gets better and better the more you do.

The five key exercises in The Secrets of Tone Production DVD are the basis of all the exercises in Tone: Experimenting with proportions. If you take those five exercises and apply them to every bow stroke, on every string, in different positions, and including the most common bow-stroke patterns and so on, what you would end up with is the Tone book.

But put this book on the music stand and there it all is, all written out for you systematically, and all you have to do is play what is there.

This astonishingly effective material is the quickest way for less advanced players to start to draw a truly sweet and singing tone out of their instrument.

For professional players it is perfect for keeping their playing at its highest-ever standard, and for taking it ever further.