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Hofmann, Josef

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Johann Sebastian Bach: Zweistimmige Inventionen (HENLE)

Zweistimmige Inventionen (HENLE). Bach, Johann Sebastian

Zweistimmige Inventionen (HENLE)


Johann Sebastian Bach  (1685 - 1750)



Publisher Henle Verlag
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Tweestemmige inventies - Two part inventions

Johann Sebastian Bach was not only an extremely skilled composer, but also an ingenious teacher. Even today, many piano students learn the basics of technique with his "Inventions" und "Sinfonias" and at the same time the most important elements of "classical" music. Bach called the 15 two-part pieces "Inventions" and the three-part ones "Sinfonias". He wrote a preface to the musical text, dedicating it to "amateurs of the piano, but in particular to those who desire to learn". Bach's preface and a table with the most common ornaments in the "Clavierbüchlein für Wilhelm Friedemann Bach" are also reproduced in the Henle edition. The complete collection of inventions and sinfonias (HN 64) is also available.

Content :

  • Invention 1 C major BWV 772
  • Invention 2 c minor BWV 773
  • Invention 3 D major BWV 774
  • Invention 4 d minor BWV 775
  • Invention 5 E flat major BWV 776
  • Invention 6 E major BWV 777
  • Invention 7 e minor BWV 778
  • Invention 8 F major BWV 779
  • Invention 9 f minor BWV 780
  • Invention 10 G major BWV 781
  • Invention 11 g minor BWV 782
  • Invention 12 A major BWV 783
  • Invention 13 a minor BWV 784
  • Invention 14 B flat major BWV 785
  • Invention 15 b minor BWV 786
(ISMN 9790201801698)