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Tipboek piano en vleugel
Pinksterboer, Hugo

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Joseph Haydn: Klavierstucke, Klaviervariationen

Klavierstucke, Klaviervariationen. Haydn, Joseph

Klavierstucke, Klaviervariationen


Joseph Haydn  (1732 - 1809)



Publisher Henle Verlag
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The works in this volume show the development of keyboard instruments in an exemplary manner: the early works were intended for harpsichord, two of which were for an instrument with the so-called “Viennese bass octave”, which enabled the musician to play chords larger than a hand span with one hand. In our edition, these passages have footnotes with suggestions on how to play them. The pianoforte was the inspiration behind the later works. Haydn was also happy to arrange his own compositions for piano, as with the “Largo assai” from the “Reiterquartett”. Christine Schornsheim, a specialist in historical performance practice, provided fingerings for this completely revised and extended Urtext edition.

Contents :

  • Capriccio in G "Acht Sauschneider müssen seyn" Hob. XVII:1
  • Piano Variations in A Hob. XVII:2
  • Piano Variations in E flat Hob. XVII:3
  • Andante after Hob. I:81II
  • Allegretto after an aria from "La vera costanza"
  • Adagio nach Hob. I:79II
  • Menuett after Hob. I:85III
  • Romance after Hob. I:85II
  • Allegretto after the overture from "La vera costanza"
  • Adagio in F Hob. XVII:9
  • Allegro after Introduzione from "La vera costanza"
  • Andante Hob. I:53II
  • Allegretto after Hob. III:41IV
  • Capriccio (Fantasia) in C Hob. XVII:4
  • Piano Variations in C Hob. XVII:5
  • Piano Variations (Sonata) f minor Hob. XVII:6
  • Adagio in G Urfassung von Hob.XV:22II
  • Largo assai in E after Hob. III:74II
  • Poco adagio in G - after the variations on "Gott erhalte" Hob. III:77II
  • Andante in C after Hob.I:94II
  • Adagio in G nach Hob. I:93II
  • Menuett in C after Hob. I:97III

Appendix: Works of doubtful authenticity

  • Piano Variations in A major Hob. XVII:2: Additional variations from the first edition
  • Variations in D Hob. XVII:7
(ISMN 9790201802244)