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Johann Sebastian Bach: Das wohltemperierte Klavier 1 (Leinen)

Das wohltemperierte Klavier 1 (Leinen). Bach, Johann Sebastian

Das wohltemperierte Klavier 1 (Leinen)


Johann Sebastian Bach  (1685 - 1750)



Publisher Henle Verlag
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The world-famous pianist András Schiff, a most familiar name to Bach fans on account of his complete recordings of Bach’s piano works, has provided fingerings for both parts of the Well-Tempered Clavier. He discusses aspects of performance practice in a detailed preface. The basis for the musical text was Henle’s revised edition of Part I published in 1997 and Yo Tomita’s brand new revision of Part II (spring 2007). A detailed commentary rounds off the editions. Both parts of the Well-Tempered Clavier are also available as Henle Urtext editions without fingerings and as study editions.

Content :

  • Prelude C major BWV 846
  • Fugue C major BWV 846
  • Prelude c minor BWV 847
  • Fugue c minor BWV 847
  • Prelude C sharp major BWV 848
  • Fugue C sharp major BWV 848
  • Prelude c sharp minor BWV 849
  • Fugue c sharp minor BWV 849
  • Prelude D major BWV 850
  • Fugue D major BWV 850
  • Prelude d minor BWV 851
  • Fugue d minor BWV 851
  • Prelude E flat major BWV 852
  • Fugue E flat major BWV 852
  • Prelude e flat minor BWV 853
  • Fugue d sharp minor BWV 853
  • Prelude E major BWV 854
  • Fugue E major BWV 854
  • Prelude e minor BWV 855
  • Fugue e minor BWV 855
  • Prelude F major BWV 856
  • Fugue F major BWV 856
  • Prelude f minor BWV 857
  • Fugue f minor BWV 857
  • Prelude F sharp major BWV 858
  • Fugue F sharp major BWV 858
  • Prelude f sharp minor BWV 859
  • Fugue f sharp minor BWV 859
  • Prelude G major BWV 860
  • Fugue G major BWV 860
  • Prelude g minor BWV 861
  • Fugue g minor BWV 861
  • Prelude A flat major BWV 862
  • Fugue A flat major BWV 862
  • Prelude g sharp minor BWV 863
  • Fugue g sharp minor BWV 863
  • Prelude A major BWV 864
  • Fugue A major BWV 864
  • Prelude a minor BWV 865
  • Fugue a minor BWV 865
  • Prelude B flat major BWV 866
  • Fugue B flat major BWV 866
  • Prelude b flat minor BWV 867
  • Fugue b flat minor BWV 867
  • Prelude B major BWV 868
  • Fugue B major BWV 868
  • Prelude b minor BWV 869
  • Fugue b minor BWV 869
(ISMN 9790201800158)