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Johann Sebastian Bach: Das wohltemperierte Klavier 2 (Leinen)

Das wohltemperierte Klavier 2 (Leinen). Bach, Johann Sebastian

Das wohltemperierte Klavier 2 (Leinen)


Johann Sebastian Bach  (1685 - 1750)



Publisher Henle Verlag
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The world-famous pianist András Schiff, a most familiar name to Bach fans on account of his complete recordings of Bach’s piano works, has provided fingerings for both parts of the Well-Tempered Clavier. He discusses aspects of performance practice in a detailed preface. The basis for the musical text was Henle’s revised edition of Part I published in 1997 and Yo Tomita’s brand new revision of Part II (spring 2007). The eminent Bach scholar Tomita discusses the complicated source situation of Part II in an extensive preface. A detailed commentary rounds off the edition. Both parts of the Well-Tempered Clavier are also available as Henle Urtext editions without fingerings and as study editions.

Content :

  • Prelude C major BWV 870
  • Fugue C major BWV 870
  • Prelude c minor BWV 871
  • Fugue c minor BWV 871
  • Prelude C sharp major BWV 872
  • Fugue C sharp major BWV 872
  • Prelude c sharp minor BWV 873
  • Fugue c sharp minor BWV 873
  • Prelude D major BWV 874
  • Fugue D major BWV 874
  • Prelude d minor BWV 875
  • Fugue d minor BWV 875
  • Prelude E flat major BWV 876
  • Fugue E flat major BWV 876
  • Prelude d sharp minor BWV 877
  • Fugue d sharp minor BWV 877
  • Prelude E major BWV 878
  • Fugue E major BWV 878
  • Prelude e minor BWV 879
  • Fugue e minor BWV 879
  • Prelude F major BWV 880
  • Fugue F major BWV 880
  • Prelude f minor BWV 881
  • Fugue f minor BWV 881
  • Prelude F sharp major BWV 882
  • Fugue F sharp major BWV 882
  • Prelude f sharp minor BWV 883
  • Fugue f sharp minor BWV 883
  • Prelude G major BWV 884
  • Fugue G major BWV 884
  • Prelude g minor BWV 885
  • Fugue g minor BWV 885
  • Prelude A flat major BWV 886
  • Fugue A flat major BWV 886
  • Prelude g sharp minor BWV 887
  • Fugue g sharp minor BWV 887
  • Prelude A major BWV 888
  • Fugue A major BWV 888
  • Prelude a minor BWV 889
  • Fugue a minor BWV 889
  • Prelude B flat major BWV 890
  • Fugue B flat major BWV 890
  • Prelude b flat minor BWV 891
  • Fugue b flat minor BWV 891
  • Prelude B major BWV 892
  • Fugue B major BWV 892
  • Prelude b minor BWV 893
  • Fugue b minor BWV 893
(ISMN 9790201800172)