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Tipboek Piano en Vleugel
Pinksterboer, Hugo

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Toys (44 Easy Original Piano Pieces)

Toys (44 Easy Original Piano Pieces). Album

Toys (44 Easy Original Piano Pieces)





Publisher Schott
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Spielsachen - 44 leichte Originalwerke für Klavier

The themes of 'children's game' and 'toys' run through this anthology in easily playable pieces. Works by Schumann, Franck, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Bartók, Khachaturian, Shostakovich as well as new works by Barbara Heller, Daniel Kemminer, Gunter Kretschmer, Friedrich Radermacher and Peter Wittrich.


  • G.F. Humbert: The Musical Box
  • G.F. Humbert: The Somersault Man
  • G.F. Humbert: The Black Forest Doll
  • G. Kretschmer: Mr Punch
  • G. Kretschmer: My Tractor
  • G.F. Humbert: The Broken Doll
  • G. Kretschmer: The ill Teddy Bear
  • H. u. P. Heller: At the Doll Doctor
  • C. Gurlitt: A little Pastime
  • R. Schumann: Doll's Lullaby
  • G.F. Humbert: The Little Wooden Horse
  • C. Gurlitt: The Rocking Horse
  • P. Eben: Musical Box
  • C. Franck: Dolly' Complaint
  • D. Dushkin: The Dancing Dolls in the Window
  • C. Scott: Teddy-Bear's Headache
  • F. Peeters: Riding
  • A. Gretchaninoff: Riding the Hobby-Horse
  • H. Lichner: On the Playground
  • M. Schoenmehl: The Somersault King
  • A. Gretchaninoff: On the Swing
  • A. Chatschaturian: Skipping
  • D. Schostakowitsch: The Wound-Up Doll
  • M. u. P. Heller: Clown und Teddy-Bear
  • P. Wittrich: Puzzle of Knight
  • B. Heller: Playing Around
  • F. Radermacher: Jumping Jack
  • P. Wittrich: Police Car in Chase
  • C. Gurlitt: Musical Clock
  • A. Gretchaninoff: My Little Horse
  • A. Gretchaninoff: The Broken Toy
  • F. Peeters: Lullaby for the Little Doll
  • P.I. Tschaikowsky: The Sick Doll
  • P.I. Tschaikowsky: The Doll's Funeral
  • P.I. Tschaikowsky: The New Doll
  • R. Schumann: Knight of the Hobbyhorse
  • D. Schostakowitsch: Hurdy-Gurdy
  • D. Schostakowitsch: Dance
  • C. Debussy: The Little Negro
  • D. Kemminer: Jump 'n Run/Computer Game
  • F. Peeters: Children's Waltz
  • R. Defossez: My Doll and Her Tricks
  • W. Rohde: Grandfather's Musical Clock
  • D. Kemminer: Ludo
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