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Thursday 26 May 2022

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Michael Paul Stavrou: Mixing with you Mind

Mixing with you Mind. Stavrou, Michael Paul

Mixing with you Mind


Michael Paul Stavrou

Publisher Flux Resaerch
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Closely Guarded Secrets of Sound Balance Engineering

Two years in the writing, 20 years in the making - Stav's book of Closely Guarded Secrets of Sound Balance Engineering. Browse through the pages, have a look and a sniff. Hope you like it. MWYM ships within 24hrs direct from the author (that's me). Amazon do NOT stock this book.

Foreword by Sir George Martin :

    Mike Stavrou came to work with me in London at the old Air Studios in Oxford Circus - a long time ago. He was not the run of the mill sort of extrovert recording engineer that one expects in a busy studio and I was struck by his quiet and modest way of going about his tasks....

Pulling great sounds in the studio is a peculiar mix of art and science. Mike Stavrou's unique perspective has helped thousands of readers via his column in AudioTechnology magazine, and now the closely guarded secrets of one of the world's top sound balance engineers have been laid bare in this book.

(ISBN 9780646428758)