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Everything for Piano:


Piano playing with questions answered
Hofmann, Josef

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Friday 23 April 2021

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Sam Willems: Organic Sightreading - Vol.1

Organic Sightreading - Vol.1. Willems, Sam

Organic Sightreading - Vol.1


Sam Willems

Publisher Sunfishing Creations
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This unique book is the first volume of a series on reading piano music without any frustration.

When analysing the task of reading piano music, we can see there are a multitude of processes your brain needs to manage almost simultaneously. Controlling two hands and ten fingers, hitting the right keys on the keyboard, reading the notes, understanding the rhythms, interpreting the music,… So it should be no surprise that when reading sheet music without preparation the brain will overload immediately and just zone out. Luckily, there's a way to feed your brain the right amount of obstacles that will inevitably spark a sense of satisfaction.

And the really cool thing about this method is that there's no necessity to know the note names!

This book includes:

  • the first volume of a unique approach to sight-reading piano music
  • the theory behind organic sight-reading
  • simple warm-up exercises to get your brain wired for training
  • progressive exercises for right hand, left hand and both hands together
  • 4 original compositions to match and test gained skills
  • beautiful hand drawn and colour painted illustrations
(ISBN 9782931066010)