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Everything for Violin:


The art of practising the violin
Gerle, Robert

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English, Welsh, ... fiddle tunes

English, Welsh, ... fiddle tunes. Album

English, Welsh, ... fiddle tunes



Arranged by

Williamson, Robin


Violin with cd

Publisher Music Sales America
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Over 100 tunes, edited and annotated by Robin Williamson. From easy to advanced. For mandolin, banjo, flute, etc. With guitar chords. A CD Recording of 15 tunes, played by Williamson, is included for demonstration.


  • All In A Garden Green
  • Apples In The Winter
  • Argeers
  • As A Thoiseach
  • Back Of The Haggard
  • Belladrum's Strathspey
  • Bishop Of Bangor's Jigg
  • Boban John
  • Bung Your Eye
  • Byrnes Hornpipe
  • Cadgers On The Cannongate
  • Cam' Ye Ower Frae France
  • Carolan's Farewell
  • Carolan's Receipt
  • Cherish The Ladies
  • Chief O'neil's Favourite
  • Christmas Day I' Da Mornin'
  • Coilantogle
  • Comb Your Hair And Curl It
  • Constant Billy
  • Corn Riggs Are Bonny
  • Crowley's Reels
  • Drops Of Whiskey
  • Drumdelgie
  • Dunse Dings A'
  • East Neuk O' Fife
  • Elslie Marly
  • Farewell To Whiskey
  • Flee Like A Bird
  • Flowers Of Edinburgh
  • Fortune My Foe
  • Go To Berwick, Johnny
  • Greensleeves
  • Griffith Ap Cynan's Delight
  • Hunting The Hare
  • I'll Gang Na Mair Tae Ton Toon
  • I'll Get Wedded In My Auld Claes
  • I'll Mend Your Pots And Kettles
  • Is The Big Man Within
  • Jenny Nettles
  • Jenny's Welcome To Charlie
  • John Anderson's Eldest Daughter
  • Lady Behind The Boat
  • Lady Owen's Delight
  • Lark In The Morning
  • Laudanum Bunches
  • Life Is All Chequered
  • Linnen Hall
  • Lulle Me Beyond Thee
  • Madame Bonaparte
  • Manage The Miser
  • Mr. Cosgill's Delight
  • My Darling Asleep
  • Newcastle
  • Niel Gow's Wife
  • Off To California
  • Old Mother Oxford
  • Panmure House
  • Paschal's
  • Peerie Hoose Ahint The Burn
  • Petticoats Loose
  • Pleasures Of Hope
  • Pleasures Of The Town
  • Rakes Of Kildare
  • Rakish Paddy
  • Saith Nos Olau
  • Sheffield Hornpipe
  • Shooting
  • Sleepy Maggie
  • Small Coals For Nailers
  • Staines Morris
  • Sunday Was My Wedding Day
  • Swaggering Boney
  • Sweet Molly
  • Tail Todle
  • Ten Penny Money
  • The Beau Strategem
  • The Blackthorn Stick
  • The Bonny Grey
  • The Braes Of Tulliemet
  • The Broken Pledge
  • The Broom Of Cowdenknowes
  • The Burning Of The Piper's Hut
  • The Fine Companion
  • The Gentleman Thief
  • The Gold Ring
  • The Gun In The Thatch
  • The Handsome Couple
  • The High Level Hornpipe
  • The High Road To Linton
  • The Kid On The Mountain
  • The Kirn
  • The Lass Of Gowrie
  • The Man Who Died And Rose Again
  • The Mountain Road
  • The Mullin Dhu
  • The Nutting Girl
  • The Perfect Cure
  • The Ploughboy
  • The Rights Of Man
  • The Rover Reformed
  • The Royal Recovery
  • The Stool Of Repentance
  • The Tuneful Nightingale
  • The Walls Of Liscarroll
  • The Wheels Of The World
  • The Whistling Thief
  • The White Blanket
  • The Young May Moon
  • Tri Manner Ton
  • Trip To The Boar
  • Turpin Hero
  • Virgin Pullets
  • Waterloo Hornpipe
  • Welcome Whiskey Back Again
  • Welsh Moris Dance
  • Within A Mile Of Edinburgh
  • Ystwffwl
(ISBN 9780825601651)