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Everything about Music theory:


Jazzology: An Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for all Musicians
Rawlins, Robert; Bahha, Nor Eddine

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David Liebman: A chromatic approach to jazz harmony and melody

A chromatic approach to jazz harmony and melody. Liebman, David

A chromatic approach to jazz harmony and melody


David Liebman


Book with cd

Publisher Advance Music
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(173 page book)

This book should be seen as a method to help the artist to develop his or her own way when trying to improvise chromatically. Through the concepts and examples offered, the improviser should be able to use this material alongside already familiar tonal ideas. Specifically, the book serves as a guide for organizing chromaticism into a coherent musical statement meant to satisfy both the intellectual and emotional needs of artistic creation. The reader will be introduced to more than one way of conceiving chromatic lines and harmonies. There is nothing theoretically complex or new in the text, it is the organization of the material as well as many musical examples and transcriptions (Bach, Scriabin, Coltrane, Shorter, Hancock, Beirach, Liebman plus others) which should serve to inspire musicians to expand their usual diatonic vocabulary. This book also provides insight into the style of playing that David Liebman is known for. In addition the book contains 100 assorted solo lines and 100 chord voicings.

"To me this book is one of the most fascinating and illuminating books ever written on the subject of improvisation. The first day after I got it I practiced with it for about six hours straight. I love the way it just sort of opens up your mind to look at harmony in such varied ways. All of the musical examples are stimulating, and Dave's essay on related topics are as elegant and insightful as anything I've ever read about improvised music. For musicians looking to expand their harmonic and melodic vocabularies, this is the book! Congratulations!" (Pat Metheny)

(ISMN 9790206303630)