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Everything for Voice:


The Interpretation of French Song
Bernac, Pierre

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Tuesday 16 October 2018

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Contemporary art songs. Album

Contemporary art songs




Voice and piano

Publisher Schirmer
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Contents (by author):

  • Barber: Must the Winter Come so Soon?
  • John Ness Beck: Song of Devotion
  • Bernstein: Two Love Songs (Extinguish My Eyes, When My Soul Touches Yours)
  • Bowles: Heavenly Grass
  • Carpenter: When I Bring to You Colour'd Toys
  • Chavez: Segador
  • Chenoweth: Vocalise
  • Corigliano: Christmas at the Cloisters, The Unicorn
  • Dougherty: Sound the Flute!
  • Duke: Peggy Mitchell
  • Dunhill: To the Queen of Heaven
  • Gibbs: When I was One-and-Twenty
  • Hoiby: An Immorality
  • Kingsford: Down Harly Street
  • Menotti: Lullaby (The Consul)
  • Moore: The Dove Song (The Wings of the Dove)
  • Sargent: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
  • W. Schuman: Holiday Song
  • Shaw: Easter Carol
  • Symons: A Sight in Camp
  • Thiman: I Love all Graceful Things
  • Thomson: English Usage, The Tiger
  • Toye: The Inn
  • Vaughan Williams: Hugh's Song of the Road
  • Wells: Everyone Sang.

Content (by title) :

  • Christmas At The Cloisters (from THE CLOISTERS)
  • The Dove Song (D.Moore)
  • Down Harley Street (Kingsford)
  • Easter Carol (M.Shaw)
  • English Usage (V.Thomson)
  • Everyone Sang (H.Wells)
  • Extinguish My Eyes (from TWO LOVE SONGS)
  • Heavenly Grass (Bowles P)
  • Holiday Song (W.Schuman)
  • Hugh's Song Of The Road
  • I Love All Graceful Things (Thiman)
  • An Immorality (Lee Hoiby)
  • The Inn (F.Toye)
  • Lullaby(The Consul) Menotti
  • Must The Winter Come So Soon? (from VANESSA)
  • Peggy Mitchell (J.Duke)
  • Segador(The Reaper) Chavez
  • A Sight In Camp (Symons)
  • Song Of Devotion (Beck)
  • Sound The Flute (Dougherty)
  • Stopping By Woods-Snowy Evening
  • Tiger, The (Thompson)
  • To The Queen Of Heaven (Dunhill)
  • The Unicorn (from THE CLOISTERS)
  • Vocalise (Chenoweth)
  • When I Bring To You Colour'd Toys (Three Songs from Gitanjali)
  • When I Was One-and-Twenty
  • When My Soul Touches Yours (from TWO LOVE SONGS)
(ISBN 9780793545483)