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Georg Friedrich Haendel: 30 Arien aus Opern und Oratorien fur Frauenstimme

30 Arien aus Opern und Oratorien fur Frauenstimme. Haendel, Georg Friedrich

30 Arien aus Opern und Oratorien fur Frauenstimme


Georg Friedrich Haendel  (1685 - 1759)


Voice and piano

Publisher Edition Peters
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  • "What passion cannot Music raise and quell" G-major, Aria for Soprano
  • "Sì che lieta goderò" C-major (Esilena) (Soprano) from Opera "Rodrigo"
  • "Vo' far guerra e vincer voglio" G-major Aria (Armida) from Opera "Rinaldo"
  • "Sì, t' amo, oh caro" G-min Aria (Agilea) from Opera "Teseo"
  • "Ah! spietato! e non ti muove" E-min Aria (Melissa) from Opera "Amadigi"
  • "Ombra cara di mia sposa" F-min Aria (Radamisto) from Opera "Radamisto"
  • "O dolce mia speranza" F-min Aria (Rossane) from Opera "Floridante"
  • "Ritorna, o dolce amore" D-major Aria (Ottone) from Opera "Ottone"
  • "Che colpa è la mia" A-major Aria (Teodata) from Opera "Flavio"
  • "Par che mi nasca in seno" C-major Aria (Irene) from Opera "Tamerlano"
  • "Con rauco mormorio" Eb-major Aria (Bertarido) from Opera "Rodelinda"
  • "Tutta raccolta ancor" C-min Arioso (Berenice) from Opera "Scipione"
  • "L' armi implora dal tuo figlio" G-major Aria (Rossane) from Opera "Alessandro" 2. Version "Cangiò d' aspetto il crudo fato" D-major Aria (Admeto) from Opera "Admeto"
  • "Son stanco, ingiusti Numi / Deggio morire, o stelle" B-min Scene and Aria (Siroe) from Opera "Siroe"
  • "Senza procelle ancora" F-major Aria (Poro) from Opera "Poro"
  • "Il mio valore, ch' albergo in petto" G-min Aria (Sosarme) from Opera "Sosarme"
  • "Imagini funeste / Non fù già men forte Alcide" F-major Scene and Aria (Orlando) from Opera "Orlando"
  • "Quel crudele / Se nel bosco resta solo" A-min Aria (Arianna) from Opera "Arianna"
  • "Spero per voi, sì, sì" F-major Aria (Polinesso) from Opera "Ariodante"
  • "Mi lusinga il dolce affetto" Eb-major Aria (Ruggiero) from Opera "Alcina"
  • "Oh! didst thou know the pains / As when the dove" F-major Rezitative and Aria (Galathea) from Oratorio "Acis and Galathea"
  • "Thou didst blow with the wind" Eb-major Aria for Soprano from Oratorio "Israel in Egypt"
  • "Rejoice, rejoice,rejoice greatly" B-major Aria for Soprano from Oratorio "Messiah" - 2. Version
  • "O change beyond report / Oh mirror of our fickle state" F-min Aria (Micha) from Oratorio "Samson" 2. Version
  • "Vain, fluctuating state / Thou, God most high E-min Scene and Aria (Nitocris) from Oratorio "Belsazar"
  • "My father! ah! methinks" Eb-major Aria (Jöle) from Oratorio "Heracles"
  • "Father of Heav'n" F-major Aria for Alto from Oratorio "Judas Maccabäus"
  • "Heroes, when with glory burning" F-major Aria (Othniel) from Oratorio "Josua"
  • "Or lull'd with grief / Sweet rose and lily Eb-major -Rezitative and Aria (Didymus) from Oratorio "Theodora"
(ISMN 9790014016319)