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Everything for Piano:


5 Centuries of keyboard music
Gillispie, John

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Tuesday 20 March 2018

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More easy classics to moderns (Vol.27 Music for millions)

More easy classics to moderns (Vol.27 Music for millions). Album

More easy classics to moderns (Vol.27 Music for millions)





Publisher Wise Publications
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More Easy Classics to Moderns is a sequel to widely popular first volume, presenting 148 pieces by masters from the Baroque to the Modern period. As a result of the extended period of music history covered in this volume, beginning Pianists of all ages will discover material suited to their particular need. The pieces are simple enough to appeal to the beginning student as a first sight reading book. Even at University level, the student will find a rich source of material to supplement his study of theory and composition.

Students, teachers, and all pianists should find these original miniatures valuable for study, recital, sight reading, or just relaxing musical entertainment of the highest caliber.


  •  Adagio Con Expressione [Neufville, Johann Jacob De]
  •  Air [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  •  Air De Dance [Latour, Jean]
  •  Air Russe [Hummel, Johann Nepomuk]
  •  Allegretto Sherzando [Neefe, Christian Gottlob ]
  •  Allegro From Sonatina In C [Haydn, Joseph]
  •  Allemande In C [Weber, Carl Maria Von]
  •  Allemande In Eb [Weber, Carl Maria Von]
  •  Andante In B Flat [Diabelli, Antonio]
  •  Andantino [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  •  Andantino Con Grazia [Händel, Georg Friedrich]
  •  Anglaise [Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich]
  •  Aria [Händel, Georg Friedrich]
  •  Arietta [Türk, Daniel Gottlob]
  •  Arioso [Scarlatti, Alessandro]
  •  Around The Campfire [Poldini, Eduard]
  •  Austrian Folk Tunes [Köhler, Louis]
  •  Autumn Chant [Gretchaninoff, Alexander]
  •  Aylesford Piece [Händel, Georg Friedrich]
  •  Ayre [Clarke, Jeremiah]
  •  Bagatelle [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
  •  Bagatelle [Diabelli, Anton]
  •  Bagpipe Etude [Heller, Stephen]
  •  Balletto [Löhlein, Georg Simon]
  •  Bicycle Ride [Gretchaninoff, Alexander]
  •  Bouree [Telemann, Georg Philip]
  •  Burlesca [Bach, Wilhelm Friedmann ]
  •  Canzonet [Hässler, Johann Wilhelm]
  •  Capriccio [Rhene-baton]
  •  Chanson [Türk, Daniel Gottlob]
  •  Children's Ballet [Rebikoff, Vladimir]
  •  Chinese Doll, The [Schumann, Robert]
  •  Choral [Franck, Cesar]
  •  Christmas Carol [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  •  Contredance In A [Haydn, Joseph]
  •  Contredance In G [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  •  Country Minuet [Haydn, Joseph]
  •  Country Waltz [Purcell, Henry]
  •  Dance Tune [Türk, Daniel Gottlob]
  •  Dancing Master, The [Miaskovsky, Nicolas]
  •  Dialogue [Miaskovsky, Nicolas]
  •  Duettino [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  •  Ecossaise In Eb [Beethoven, Ludwing Van]
  •  Ecossaises [Schubert, Franz]
  •  Entrée [Mozart, Leopold]
  •  Fanfare Minuet [Duncombe, William]
  •  First Loss [Schumann, Robert]
  •  Five Finger Toccata [Stravinsky, Igor]
  •  Fly, Little Bird [Villa-lobos, Heitor]
  •  Folk Dance [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
  •  Folk Tune Scherzo [Kirchner, Theodor]
  •  Fughetta [Pachelbel, Johann]
  •  Game [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
  •  Gavotte [Witthauer, Johann Georg]
  •  Gavotte And Variations [Pachelbel, Johann]
  •  German Dances [Beethoven, Ludwing Van]
  •  Gigue A L'angloise [Telemann, Georg Philip]
  •  Gypsy Dance [Haydn, Joseph]
  •  Hopak [Goedicke, Alexander]
  •  Hornpipe [Purcell, Daniel]
  •  Hungarian Folk Songs [Bartok, Bela]
  •  In Church [Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich]
  •  Intermezzo [Volkmann, Robert]
  •  Intrada [Graupner, Johann Christoph]
  •  King William's March [Clarke, Jeremiah]
  •  La Bourbonnaise [Couperin, Francois]
  •  La Charolaise [Couperin, Francois]
  •  La Confession [Corrette, Michel]
  •  Landler [Schubert, Franz]
  •  Ländler [Schubert, Franz]
  •  Larghetto [Scarlatti, Domenico]
  •  Largo [Corelli, Arcangelo]
  •  Lento Affettuoso [Bach, Carl Philip Emmanuel]
  •  Les Tambourins [Kirnberger, Johann Philipp]
  •  Little Fugue [Zipoli, Domenico]
  •  Little Music Box, The [Maykapar, Samuel]
  •  Little Prelude [Zipoli, Domenico]
  •  Little Scherzo [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
  •  Little Song [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
  •  Little Study [Schumann, Robert]
  •  Lullaby [Wolf, Hugo]
  •  March [Bach, Anna Magdalena]
  •  March [Shostakovich, Dmitri]
  •  Mazurka [Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich]
  •  Minuet [Dandrieu, Jean Francois]
  •  Minuet [Mozart, Leopold]
  •  Minuet [Purcell, Henry]
  •  Minuet And Trio [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  •  Minuet In C Minor [Bach, Anna Magdalena]
  •  Minuet In G [Bach, Anna Magdalena]
  •  Minuets [Mozart, Leopold]
  •  Minuetto Scherzando [Scarlatti, Alessandro]
  •  Musette (Twenty-Five Very Easy Studies Op.17) [Couppey, Felix Le]
  •  Musical Moment [Miaskovsky, Nicolas]
  •  Old German Dance [Unknown Composer]
  •  Old Polish Dance [Lublin, Jean De]
  •  On The Wing [Gretchaninoff, Alexander]
  •  Passepied [Händel, Georg Friedrich]
  •  Pastorale [Bach, Carl Philip Emmanuel]
  •  Pavana [Sweelinck, Jan Pieter]
  •  Peasant Song [Bartok, Bela]
  •  Pipe Aria, The [Bach, Anna Magdalena]
  •  Polonaise [Schale, Christian Friedrich]
  •  Postlude [Volkmann, Robert]
  •  Prelude [Purcell, Henry]
  •  Rigaudon [Handel, George Frideric]
  •  Rondino [Rameau, Jean Philippe]
  •  Rondo In C [Andre, Anton]
  •  Russian Dance (The Nutcracker Suite) [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
  •  Russian Polka [Glinka, Michael Ivanovich]
  •  Rustic Dance [Hook, James]
  •  Sarabande [Handel, George Frideric]
  •  Sarabande for a sandwich
  •  Scherzino [Witthauer, Johann Georg]
  •  Schwaebisch [Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich]
  •  Serenade [Muller, August Eberhard]
  •  Shepard's Flute, The [Maykapar, Samuel]
  •  Sicilienne [Schumann, Robert]
  •  Sodier's Story, The [Volkmann, Robert]
  •  Soliloquy [Bartok, Bela]
  •  Sonatina [Beethoven, Ludwing Van]
  •  Song Tune [Purcell, Henry]
  •  Tambourin [Daquin, Louis-claude]
  •  The Bear [Rebikoff, Vladimir]
  •  The Tale Begins [Volkmann, Robert]
  •  Theme And Three Variations [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  •  Trumpet Piece [Purcell, Henry]
  •  Two Pieces [Villa-lobos, Heitor]
  •  Valsette [Rhene-baton]
  •  Waltz [Shostakovich, Dmitri]
  •  Waltz Intermezzo (Op.39) [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
  •  Walzer [Schubert, Franz]
(ISBN 9780825640278)