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Soldier Songs and Home-Front Ballads of the Civil War

Soldier Songs and Home-Front Ballads of the Civil War. Album

Soldier Songs and Home-Front Ballads of the Civil War



Arranged by

Silber, Irwin


Voice and guitar

Publisher Oak Publications
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The Civil War, that great fratricidal conflict which played such a decisive role in shaping our history and our national consciousness, exists no longer in the first-hand memories of living men. Among our keepsakes, however, are these 48 songs of the Civil War - the stirring marching songs and patriotic hymns, the unabashedly sentimental ballads and the comic ditties, the boasting songs and drinking songs and fighting songs and loving songs of America's bloodiest and most significant struggle. And through these songs, an age which is past is brought to life, and we live with the men and women who walked this land of ours over a century ago.

  • All Quiet Along The Potomac
  • Booth Killed Lincoln
  • Brother Green
  • Clear The Track
  • Cumberland Gap
  • Farewell, Mother
  • Give Us A Flag
  • Go Down, Moses
  • Goober Peas
  • Grafted Into The Army
  • Hold The Fort
  • John Brown's Body
  • Johnny Is My Darling
  • Just Before The Battle, Mother
  • Kingdom Coming
  • Lincoln And Liberty
  • Lorena
  • Many Thousand Gone
  • Marching Song Of The First Arkansas
  • Marching Through Georgia
  • Maryland, My Maryland
  • Oh Freedom
  • Oh, I'm A Good Old Rebel
  • Old Abe Lincoln Came Out Of The Wilderness
  • Overtures From Richmond
  • Pat Murphy Of The Irish Brigade
  • Roll, Alabama, Roll
  • Slavery Chain Done Broke At Last
  • Somebody's Darling
  • Tenting On The Old Camp Ground
  • The Battle Cry Of Freedom
  • The Battle Hymn Of The Republic
  • The Battle Of Shiloh Hill
  • The Bonnie Blue Flag
  • The Brass-Mounted Army
  • The Cumberland Crew
  • The Gold Band
  • The Rebel Soldier
  • The Vacant Chair
  • The Yellow Rose Of Texas
  • There Was An Old Soldier
  • Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
  • Virginia's Bloody Soil
  • We Are Coming, Father Abr'am
  • Weeping Sad And Lonely
  • We'll Fight For Uncle Abe
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  • Who Will Care For Mother Now?
(ISBN 9780825600524)