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Gerle, Robert

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Benjamin Yusupov: Concerto for viola and orchestra (Score)

Concerto for viola and orchestra (Score). Yusupov, Benjamin

Concerto for viola and orchestra (Score)


Benjamin Yusupov  (1962 - … )


Viola and orchestra

Publisher Sikorski
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"This work was commissioned by the violinist Maxim Vengerov. I wrote it bearing in mind the character and stature of such a versatile and gifted musician. As such I wanted from one hand to enhance his musical personality and as well profit from the tremendous possibilities of his playing. Nowadays Man lives in a world where various cultures spread easily trough different media and communication means. He has two possibilities: to hide behind the kind of culture he loves most, or trying to mingle all kinds of music surrounding him. This synthesis always catches hold of my interest. I believe that 21st century music must be integral, "something" that "knows" and fusions all kinds of music in one language. Combined with the infinite possibilities of the symphonic orchestra "palette" this was the catalyst that brought me to write a 21st century concerto. In the concerto I try to combine and fusion different kinds of musical styles and cultures. After short Prelude the first movement begins with Tango elements and very quickly transforms itself in fully expressive post romantic music. Second movement surprises us with a merger of oriental motifs and classical baroque music forms. The third movement is written in metal-rock style with all its characteristic elements: electric guitar and heavy percussion, improvisation by the soloist accompanied and amplified by multi-effects. Fourth movement introduces to post modernism combined and accompanied by nostalgia, utmost and obsessive expression and gentleness All movements are played successively, without intermission and so there is continuity and communion between them, heightening the necessary tension. Here the Concerto comes to an end but the work doesn’t. The saying goes "when words finish, music begins…". I would like to add my own variation of this saying: "when music finishes, dance and plastic begin…" Thus, I got the feeling that a needed surprise that fusions all the styles heard before must appear. The orchestra introduces a melancholic Postludium, in which a melody starts in the Bandoneon solo and travels among various instruments, searching for a solution to the drama and tension unfolded in the Concerto, that involved us in a complete depressive state of mind. The Postludium finishes and the soloist and partner begin dancing a Tango. It's the strength of their feelings and their love conclude the long wandering… The solo part in this concert is unusual and different from all the pieces in the viola repertoire: very quick passages, utmost high pitch, very strong sonorous playing, that are not the normal fare produced by a viola. Finally I would like to add that the luck of having found such a talented artist, able to interpret and produce all of my innovate ideas is a source of pride and utmost happiness fro me. The duration if the complete Concerto, Postludium and Go Tango is 48 minutes. This piece is published by Sikorski (Hamburg)."

(Benjamin Yusupov)

(ISMN 9790003038995)