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Giovanni Antonio Terzi: Arranged for classical guitar

Arranged for classical guitar. Terzi, Giovanni Antonio

Arranged for classical guitar


Giovanni Antonio Terzi



Publisher Mel Bay Publications
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These selected works by Giovanni Antonio Terzi, expertly arranged by 2011 GFA Winner Vladimir Gorbach, represent a last flowering of the lute fantasia in a motet-imitative style.

They stand at a halfway point between being dependent upon vocal forms and being a product of pure instrumental fantasy.

Of the sixteen pieces with "fantasia" in the title, eleven are of Terzi's own invention. Five fantasias are attributed to other composers (nos. 13-17) as indicated in their titles, and adopted for solo lute by Terzi.

When arranged for guitar, something special about the character of these fantasias emerges through the instrument. In addition, they are all wonderful works that offer many musical and technical lessons for guitarists.

  • Fantasia (La Diodatina) inn francese del (Giosefo) Guami
  • Fantasia (Prima) del'autore
  • Fantasia (Prima) in modo di canzon francese del'autore
  • Fantasia come di sopra (ca francese) di Vicenzo Bellaver
  • Fantasia in modo di canzon francese di Giovanni Gabrieli
  • Fantasia Prima
  • Fantasia Quarta
  • Fantasia Quinta
  • Fantasia Seconda
  • Fantasia seconda del'autore
  • Fantasia seconda in modo di canzon francese del'autore
  • Fantasia Sesta
  • Fantasia Terza
  • Fantasia terza del'autore
  • In te Domine speravi
  • Preludio del'autore
  • Toccata (Prima) del'autore
  • Toccata Seconda del'autore
  • Un'altra fantasia del detto (Giosefo Guami)
  • Un'altra fantasia di Paolo Justi (Giusti)
(ISBN 9780786684977)