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Immigrant Songbook. Album

Immigrant Songbook



Arranged by

Silverman, Jerry


Voice, piano and guitar

Publisher Mel Bay
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A historically significant major work containing over 140 songs from 44 countries (417 pages!) in their original languages with singable English translations. Arranged for voice and piano with guitar chords. Historical photos and anecdotal commentary are included.


  • A Ballad Of New Scotland
  • A Letter From America
  • A New England Ballad
  • A Peasant In New York
  • A Pole Was Traveling
  • A Song Of An American Immigrant
  • A Wandering Canadian
  • Across The Western Ocean
  • America Fever
  • America I Was Leaving
  • America Song
  • America Song - Love Song For Far-Off America
  • America-Russia
  • American Beauty
  • American Humbug
  • An Invitation To North America
  • Big Joe Magarac
  • Brightly Shine, O Golden Sunshine
  • California
  • Chicago, Chicago
  • Columbus, I Give You The First Prize
  • Corrido About Joaquin Murieta
  • Curacao
  • Danish Flag And Starry Banner
  • Deportees
  • Dig For The Gold
  • Ellis Island
  • Farewell, I'm Bound For America
  • Farewell, Russia
  • God Punishes Him Who Goes First
  • Good-Bye Rivers, Good-Bye Fountains
  • Greet Them At Home
  • Hail To Thee, Columbus
  • Hans And Katrina
  • Havre Is A Pretty City
  • Here's Good Health To The Heroes
  • Hey, My Dear Friends
  • How Sad Is The LIfe Of A Sailor
  • Hymn Of American Slovaks
  • I Am A Filipino
  • I Am Leaving
  • I Have Finished Packing
  • I Left My NIce Country
  • I Lie In The American Land
  • I Like The States Better Than Alberta
  • I Recall That Morning
  • I Saw My Dear Ksanthoula
  • I'm Getting Ready To Depart
  • I'm Leaving Now
  • Immigration Lament
  • In America's A Golden Portal
  • In The Course Of Life
  • It Is Very Sad At Midnight
  • It's Good In America
  • It's Hard to Live
  • Kansas Corrido
  • La Fayette Iin America
  • Land Of The Trees
  • Lincoln Song
  • Long Life To Columbus
  • Lord, I Left My Home
  • Malaguenas For The Emigrant
  • Mama, Please Give Me A Hundred Lire
  • Miami
  • Mississippi Song
  • Mollly Durkin
  • My Dear Homeland
  • My Love Has Gone To America
  • My Mother Is At Home
  • New Song From The Emigrants
  • No Irish Need Apply
  • Nostalgia
  • Now Is The Parting Hour
  • Oleana
  • On Board The Cimbria
  • On Foreign Soil
  • On The Other Side Of The Atlantic
  • Only One Song
  • Only One Thing I Ask
  • Paddy Works On The Railway
  • Pat Murphy Of The Irish Brigade
  • Pelle's Yankee Doodle
  • Philippines, My Native Land
  • Poor Cambodia
  • Pretty America
  • Sacco And Vanzetti
  • Safely, With Safety
  • Send A Ticket
  • Seventeen Seventy Seven
  • So Far Away
  • Social Problem
  • Song Of A Wanderer To America
  • Song Of America
  • Song Of The Holland-Americans
  • Soon Is The Time
  • Street Vendors
  • Tell Me, White Cloud
  • The Distressed Damsel
  • The Emigrant
  • The Emigrant (Soldiers' Song)
  • The Emigrant's Swallow
  • The Emigrants
  • The Exile
  • The Greenhorn Cousin
  • The Hills of Shiner
  • The Hour Of Parting Is Now Here
  • The Leaving Of Liverpool
  • The Life Of A California Gold-Seeker
  • The Lonely Miner Of Wilkes Barre
  • The Loss Of The Atlantic Steamship
  • The Lumber Camps In The United States
  • The Migrant To The Crane
  • The Migratory Workers
  • The Mississippi
  • The Mountaineer Crossed Himself
  • The New Colossus
  • The Obersimmentaler In America
  • The Old American
  • The Sergeant
  • The Seven Irishmen
  • The Sirio
  • The Wandering Chinaman
  • The West
  • To An Emigrant
  • To Come To America
  • To The Morning Star
  • Uncle Sam's Farm
  • Verses From Here And There
  • Walking, Standing, Lying, Rising
  • We Are Traveling To America
  • We Cannot Remain Here
  • We Got On Board The SHip And Sailed Away
  • Weaving In The United States
  • What A Most Delightful Life
  • What Brought Me To America?
  • When From Italy We DId Take Our Leave
  • When I First Came To This Land
  • When I Go To America
  • Who Is Sailing Off to America?
  • Wilno Boys
  • Workers' Appeal
(ISBN 9781562222826)