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Everything for Piano:


Piano playing with questions answered
Hofmann, Josef

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Chopin - Liszt - Hiller: Easy Pieces - Vol.5

Chopin - Liszt - Hiller: Easy Pieces - Vol.5. Album

Chopin - Liszt - Hiller: Easy Pieces - Vol.5



Arranged by

Franke, Nils



Publisher Wiener Urtext Edition
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This volume presents easy pieces for piano by great virtuosos. It unites the two greatest, and perhaps best-known, pianists of the 19th century, Frédéric Chopin and Franz Liszt. The technical requirements of these works are very moderate without muting the stylistic characteristics of these two composers. The ability to play an original composition by Liszt in the first years of lessons can be very motivating for the piano student. Also featured in this collection are works by the virtuoso Ferdinand Hiller, to whom Robert Schumann dedicated his Piano Concerto. As in many of the works by Liszt and Chopin, Hiller's works are frequently reminiscent of folk music. His Irländisches Lied and Fandango, included in the collection, are fine examples of 19th-century 'world music'.


  • F. Chopin: Bourrée I in G
  • F. Chopin: Bourrée in A
  • F. Chopin: Cantabile in B
  • F. Chopin: Walzer
  • F. Chophin: Sostenuto in Es
  • F. Chopin: Prélude in e
  • F. Chopin: Prélude in h
  • F. Chopin: Prélude in A
  • F. Chopin: Prélude in c
  • F. Chopin: Polonaise in B
  • F. Chopin: Mazurka in g
  • F. Chopin: Mazurka in F
  • F. Chopin: Mazurka in As
  • F. Liszt: La cloche sonne
  • F. Liszt: Ländler in As
  • F. Liszt: Andantino in As
  • F. Liszt: Ich liebe Dich
  • F. Liszt: Andante in Des
  • F. Liszt: Lullaby
  • F. Liszt: Sancta Dorothea
  • F. Liszt: Ave Maria
  • F. Liszt: Christmas carol
  • F. Liszt: The shepherds at the manger
  • F. Liszt: Adagio religioso
  • F. Hiller: Irish Song
  • F. Hiller: Scottish Song
  • F. Hiller: Italian Song
  • F. Hiller: Polish Song
  • F. Hiller: Russian Song
  • F. Hiller: Fandango
  • F. Hiller: Ballade
  • F. Hiller: Slumber Song
  • F. Hiller: Song
(ISMN 9790500573814)