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Pinksterboer, Hugo

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Benjamin Britten: Collected Songs (63 songs for high voice)

Collected Songs (63 songs for high voice). Britten, Benjamin

Collected Songs (63 songs for high voice)


Benjamin Britten  (1913 - 1976)

Arranged by

Walters, Richard


Voice and piano

Publisher Boosey & Hawkes
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  • The Birds
  • A Charm of Lullabies, Op. 41:
  • A Cradle Song
  • The Highland Balou
  • Sephestia's Lullaby
  • A Charm
  • The Nurse's Song
  • Evening, Morning, Night (three songs from This Way to the Tomb):
  • Evening
  • Morning
  • Night
  • Fish in the unruffled lakes:
  • To lie flat on the back
  • Night covers up the rigid land
  • The sun shines down
  • Fish in the unruffled lakes
  • What's in your mind?
  • Underneath the abject willow
  • The Holy Sonnets of John Donne, Op. 35:
  • Oh my black Soule!
  • Batter my heart
  • O might those sighes and teares
  • Oh, to vex me
  • What if this present
  • Since she whom I loved
  • At the round earth's imagined corners
  • Thou hast made me
  • Death, be not proud
  • - On This Island, Op. 11:
  • Let the florid music praise!
  • Now the leaves are falling fast
  • Seascape
  • Nocturne
  • As it is, plenty
  • Sechs Hölderlin-Fragmente, Op. 61:
  • Menschenbeifall
  • Die Heimat
  • Sokrates und Alcibiades
  • Die Jugend
  • Hälfte des Lebens
  • Die Linien des Lebens
  • Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo, Op. 22:
  • Sonetto XVI: Sì come nella penna e nell'inchiostro
  • Sonetto XXXI: A che più debb'io mai l'intensa voglia
  • Sonetto XXX: Veggio co' bei vostri occhi un dolce lume
  • Sonetto LV: Tu sa' ch'io so, signior mie, che tu sai
  • Sonetto XXXVIII: Rendete a gli occhi miei, o fonte o fiume
  • Sonetto XXXII: S'un casto amor, s'una pietà supena
  • Sonetto XXIV: Spirto ben nato, in cui si specchia e vede
  • - Songs from the Chinese, Op. 58 (transcribed for voice and piano):
  • The Big Chariot
  • The Old Lute
  • The Autumn Wind
  • The Herd-Boy
  • Depression
  • Dance Song
  • Three Songs from The Heart of the Matter:
  • Prologue ("Where are the seeds of the Universal Fire")
  • Song ("We are the darkness in the heat of the day")
  • Epilogue ("So, out of the dark")(Horn Part)
  • Winter Words, Op. 52:
  • At day-close in November
  • Midnight on the Great Western
  • Wagtail and Baby
  • The little old table
  • The Choirmaster's Burial
  • Proud Songsters
  • At the Railway Station, Upway
  • Before Life and After
  • Cut from Winter Words:
  • If it's ever spring again
  • The Children and Sir Nameless
  • Two Ballads (duet):
  • Mother Comfort
  • Underneath the abject willow
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