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Catalogue for chamber music: Winds With Piano

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Pit Band Pit Band
Albright, William
19.80 €    
Music for windinstruments (Blaaskwartet) Music for windinstruments (Blaaskwartet)
8.80 €    
Organ Plus Brass - Vol.1 Organ Plus Brass - Vol.1
15.50 €    
Six Sacred Christmas Duets Six Sacred Christmas Duets
21.19 €    
Welsh dances Welsh dances
8.80 €    
Intermezzi Intermezzi
Anderson, Thomas J.
12.00 €    
Grand Fantasia Grand Fantasia
Arnold, Malcolm
34.20 €    
Suite bourgeoise Suite bourgeoise
Arnold, Malcolm
25.90 €    
Le calme de la mer (Extrait du Le calme de la mer (Extrait du "Suite éolienne")
Aubin, Tony
Clarinet, flute and piano
17.95 €    
Fantasia Pastorale, Op.21 Fantasia Pastorale, Op.21
Azzoni, Italo
13.90 €    
6 Sonatas 6 Sonatas
Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel
20.79 €    
6 Sonaten 6 Sonaten
Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel
Clarinet, bassoon and piano
21.40 €    
Trio no.1 in D Trio no.1 in D
Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel
24.09 €    
Trio no.2 in a minor Trio no.2 in a minor
Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel
18.59 €    
Trio nr.3 in G Trio nr.3 in G
Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel
19.25 €    
Divertissement Divertissement
Bach, Johann Christian
Flute, oboe and piano
35.00 €    
Trio Sonata in Bb major Trio Sonata in Bb major
Bach, Johann Sebastian
19.20 €    
Trio Trio
Bamert, Matthias
Two for three Two for three
Bank, Jacques
Klavier-Quintett, Op.16 (Bläserfassung) Klavier-Quintett, Op.16 (Bläserfassung)
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn and piano
30.50 €    
Piano Quintet in Eb major, Op.16 (Score and parts) Piano Quintet in Eb major, Op.16 (Score and parts)
Beethoven, Ludwig van
25.60 €    
Quintet in Eb major, Op.16 (Parts) Quintet in Eb major, Op.16 (Parts)
Beethoven, Ludwig van
32.89 €    
Trio Trio
Beethoven, Ludwig van
18.50 €    
Trio in G major, Wo0 37 Trio in G major, Wo0 37
Beethoven, Ludwig van
17.50 €    
Trio in G major, WOo.37 Trio in G major, WOo.37
Beethoven, Ludwig van
18.25 €    
Trio, Op.38 in Eb major Trio, Op.38 in Eb major
Beethoven, Ludwig van
27.80 €    
Autre fois Autre fois
Berio, Luciano
13.50 €    
Carmen Fantasia Carmen Fantasia
Bizet, Georges
26.00 €    
Jeux d'enfants Jeux d'enfants
Bizet, Georges
40.90 €    
Dance Trio Dance Trio
Blackford, Dick
30.95 €    
Concertino Concertino
Bloch, Ernest
Flute, clarinet and piano; flute, viola and piano
30.30 €    
Minimancacnrmhmo81100 Minimancacnrmhmo81100
Blondeau, Thierry
29.60 €    
Anthem-Rhapsody Anthem-Rhapsody
Blumenfeld, A.
22.19 €    
2 Serenades 2 Serenades
Blunt, Marcus
9.30 €    
Konzert C-Dur 'Zampogna' Konzert C-Dur 'Zampogna'
Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de
Alto recorder, oboe and basso continuo; alto recorder, flute and piano
32.99 €    
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