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Catalogue for choir: Children S Choir

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Composer Title Instrumentation prijs  
Abba Mamma Mia! Women's choire (ssa) 4.49 € 
Albrecht, Sally K. Hashivenu (Israeli folk song) Choir and piano 3.54 € 
Album Chorlieder für Kinder und Jugend Choir 6.92 € 
Album Con amore - Vol.1 Voice (soprano) and piano 15.00 € 
Album Disney classics (Medley) Two-part choir 4.20 € 
Album Junior book of carols - 1 (Teacher's bk) Choir 6.69 € 
Album Kumbajamana (pianobegeleiding) Voice 20.00 € 
Album Les Petits Chanteurs de St. Marc Women's choire (ssa) and piano 22.75 € 
Album Papapaya (15 kinderkoorliederen) Children's choir 15.00 € 
Album Smash hits for christmas Two-part choir (sa) and piano; choi... 4.44 € 
Album West end showstoppers Two-part choir (sa) and piano; choi... 4.95 € 
Alwood, Rev J. K. Unclouded Day (Choral score) Men's choir (ttbb) 3.00 € 
Arch, Gwyn Folksongs from Wild West Choir (soprano, alto, bass) 5.99 € 
Arch, Gwyn The girl from Ipanema Two-part choir (sa) and piano; choi... 3.06 € 
Arch, Gwyn Timothy's Miracle (A Christmas Story) Choir and ensemble 6.50 € 
Archer, Malcolm Christchurch mass (Score) Choir and organ 14.63 € 
Archer, Malcolm The mass of the stable (Score) Choir and piano 10.45 € 
Argento, Dominick Farewell This World! (Choral score) Men's choir (ttbb) and percussion 3.00 € 
Azzara, Christopher A la nanita nana (Unison version) Two-part choir (ss) and piano 2.95 € 
Bart, Lionel Consider yourself Two-part choir (sa) 2.34 € 
Benjamin, Tim The night will never stay Choir and piano 4.30 € 
Benjamin, Tom Beautiful soup! Two-part choir (ss) and piano 2.50 € 
Benjamin, Tom Counting-out rhyme Choir and piano 4.30 € 
Benjamin, Tom Roses up - Braw news Choir and piano 4.30 € 
Benjamin, Tom The president's tea Two-part choir (sa) and piano 4.30 € 
Benjamin, Tom There was an old woman 2 voices and piano 4.30 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Daar boven uit het vensterke Women's choire (ss); women's choire... 10.50 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Fiddle-de-dee (Puss came dancing) 5.00 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Haiku's Children's choir 2.94 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Kindren hadden genoeg van de straat (CD) Children's choir with piano 15.00 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Kind'ren hadden genoeg van de straat (Liedbundel... Children's choir 28.00 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Kleine liedjes (Met begeleiding) Voice (soprano) and piano 11.50 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Mc Murdo, o'er and out! Women's choire (ssa), oboe, clarine... 5.00 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Missa simplex (Childrenchoir) Choir and organ 7.50 € 
Bikkembergs, Kurt Paella met noten (beg.) Voice (soprano) and piano 11.50 € 
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