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Tuesday 19 October 2021

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Order delivery

You can choose whether you would like to have your order waiting for you in one of our stores or whether you would like it to be sent to you. This choice can be made in the shopping basket.

Collecting in store or shipping?

Collecting orders in the store

You can place an order and collect it in one of our stores:

  • Put all the books you would like to order in your shopping basket.
  • Indicate the store where you would like to collect your order.
  • Finish your order.
  • Upon finishing your order, it will be sent to us.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail. As soon as your order is ready, you will immediately receive an e-mail.

Not in stock?

Should something be out of stock, you will also be notified. As soon as an item arrives, you will be notified again.

Shipping your order

Should you prefer, we can also send your order to you.

If all the items you have ordered are in stock, we will send them to you in one shipment. You will pay standard shipping costs of 3.90 euros. If some of the items are not in stock, you can choose:

  • Joint shipment: We reserve the articles that are in stock and order the remaining articles. Your order is only shipped when it is complete. You only pay the shipping costs of 3.90 euros once.
  • Separate shipments: The articles that are in stock are shipped immediately. Articles that need to be ordered are shipped at a later date. The shipping cost of 3.90 euros will need to be paid twice.

How will your order be delivered?


Together with Taxipost we make sure your order is delivered quickly and safely. The courier service collects our shipments in Antwerp on a daily basis and delivers them the next day. Not at home? No problem: the mailman will leave you a notification. You can collect your package at a post office near you, at your earliest convenience.


For each order we select the best packing material. This way, we insure not only a safe journey but also protection against all types of weather.

What are the shipping rates?

Shipping rates

For delivery addresses in Belgium the shipping rate is 3.90 euros. Should you order more than 10 items, then delivery is free. For shipments to the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom the rate is 5.90 euros per shipment, regardless of the number of items in the shipment.

Overview of the shipping rates
Belgium 3.90 euros
10 or more articles: free
Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom 5.90 euros
Other EU countries and the US 9.60 euros
Rest of the world 21.90 euros

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time

An estimate of the required delivery time is indicated for each product. Items that are in stock are usually delivered within two business days. Items not in stock take up to five or seven business days. Individual delivery estimates can be found in the description of each article. Should an item you ordered require extra time, you will of course be notified immediately.


Ordering several items at once? You can choose between having your items shipped all at once or in several shipments. If only one shipment is sent, the required delivery time will be equal to that of the item with the longest estimated delivery time. If several shipments are sent, we will immediately ship all items that are in stock. We will keep the others items in backorder until we can send them in a second shipment.