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weergeven als lijst weergeven als lijst


2 Romanzen, Op.111 2 Romanzen, Op.111
Czerny, Carl
Piano (three hands)
13.08 €    
5 Pieces pittoresques, Op.34
Reger, Max
Piano (four hands)
17.85 €    
Adagio C-dur, KV.580a
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
English French horn, 2 violins and cello
9.60 €    
Andante cantabile
Tchaikovsky, Peter
Cello, string quartet and double bass
37.02 €    
Duo fur Violine und Viola, Op.20
Braun, W.
Violin and viola
11.73 €    
Elegie Zum Gedenken an I W Samarin (Score & parts)
Tchaikovsky, Peter
String orchestra
31.20 €    
Oktett für Streicher, Op.17 Oktett für Streicher, Op.17
Gade, Niels Wilhelm
4 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos
57.60 €    
Quartett c-moll, Op.9
Bruch, Max
String quartet
22.20 €    
Quartett fur vier Violinen, Op.107
Lachner, Ignaz
4 violins
17.85 €    
Quartett, Op.35
Arensky, Anton
Violin, viola and 2 cellos
38.40 €    
Quintett, Op.16
Goetz, Herman
Violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano
34.09 €    
Quintett, Op.35
Molique, Bernhard
Flute, violin, 2 violas and cello
31.90 €    
Sextett Sextett
Pleyel, Ignaz Joseph
2 violins, 2 violas, cello and double bass
50.40 €    
Sonata in As, Op.7
Czerny, Carl
21.60 €    
Sonata per liuto et viola
Rust, F.W.
Viola and piano
6.77 €    
Sonate C-dur
Mussorgsky, Modest
Piano (four hands)
17.01 €    
Sonate D-dur
Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich
Viola and piano
13.14 €    
Sonate D-dur fur Violine solo, Op.3 nr.3
Chandoschkin, Iwan J.
7.31 €    
Sonate f-moll, Op.5
Reger, Max
Cello and piano
Sonate g-moll, Op.28
Reger, Max
Cello and piano
19.71 €    
Sonate Nr.1
Draeseke, F.
Viola and piano
20.55 €    
Sonate, Op.10
Czerny, Carl
Piano (four hands)
Thema und Variationen
Tchaikovsky, Peter
17.01 €    
Trio D-Dur, Op. Posth. Trio D-Dur, Op. Posth.
Borodin, Alexander
Violin, cello and piano
42.50 €    
Trio F-Dur
Kreutzer, Rodolphe
Oboe, viola and bassoon; clarinet, viola and cello
15.00 €    
Trio F-dur, BWV.1040
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Violin, oboe and basso continuo
13.20 €    
Trio, Op.121 Trio, Op.121
Scharwenka, Philipp
Violin, viola and piano
17.95 €    
Trio, Op.17
Schumann, Clara
Violin, cello and piano
20.82 €