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Violin & Viola

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Saturday 23 June 2018

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Robert Trory: Violin Playing - Vol.1

Violin Playing - Vol.1. Trory, Robert

Violin Playing - Vol.1


Robert Trory



Editeur Waveney Music Publishing
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The Violin Playing series

There is no other tutor like it. A complete system in five books that takes the student from the very first notes to Grade Eight and beyond. Beautifully presented and printed with visual clarity that helps the student learn to read music. No distracting cartoons. Enjoyable duets for pupil and teacher. Suitable for ALL ages.

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Book One - introduces Finger Pattern No 1, including all four fingers, elementary one-octave major scales & arpeggios with rhythmic variations, detached bowing, slurring and crossing strings. There are many original violin duets throughout. Some of these are published separately with piano accompaniments by Sally Mays. (This book covers the requirements for the Preparatory or Initial Grade Exam.)


  • Hymn - Ode to Joy
  • From the 'New World' Symphony
  • Humming song
  • A country walk
  • Bell ringers
  • Big waves
  • Busy fingers
  • Country gardens
  • Cowboy waltz
  • Do these notes go up or down?
  • Evening prayer
  • Happy days
  • I don't want to practise!
  • I like coffee, you like tea. I like you, you like me
  • Ice skating
  • Jumping and running
  • Little march
  • Look at me, look at you!
  • Merrily we roll along
  • Morning song
  • Perfect Pinky!
  • Robin red breast
  • Sailing
  • See-saw
  • Sleep - sleep - sleep my baby
  • Stowey
  • Summer days
  • The angels sing
  • The graceful elephant
  • The moon at night
  • The sun at dawn
  • The water wheel
  • Twinkle - Twinkle - share this star
  • Two can only play like two - play like three? - play like four!
  • Under the weeping willow tree
  • Unto us a boy is born
  • Whirling dance
  • Winter day
(ISBN 9780955438448)