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Friday 24 February 2017

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Meredith Little, Natalie Jenne: Dance and the music of J.S.Bach

Voir le contenu! Dance and the music of J.S.Bach - Little, Meredith; Jenne, Natalie


Dance and the music of J.S.Bach


Meredith Little, Natalie Jenne



Editeur Indiana University Press
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Johann Sebastian Bach devoted a significant portion of his life to the composition of stylized dance music and music based on dance rhythms. Although the music of this very special genre has long been a part of every serious musician's repertoire, very little has been written about it. Part 1 of "Dance and the Music of J S Bach" describes the French Court dance practices in the cities and courts in which Bach lived. It also introduces the terminology and analytical tools, rooted in the eighteenth century, that are necessary to discuss dance music with precision. Part II presents the dance forms used by Bach, annotating all of his named dances. It offers information from choreographies, harmony, theorists' writings, and the music of many seventeenth- and eighteenth-century composers in order to arrive at a model for each dance type. In Appendix I all of Bach's named dances are listed in convenient tabular form; included are the BWV number for each piece, the date of composition, the larger work in which it appears, the instrumentation, and the meter. Appendix II supplies the same data for pieces clearly recognizable as dance types but not named as such. This volume will stimulate both the musical scholar and the performer with a new look at the rhythmic lifeblood of Bach's remarkable repertoire of dance-based music.

(ISBN 9780253214645)