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Het Mozart Effect
Campbell, Don

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Sunday 26 February 2017

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Craig Wright: The Essential Listening to Music (1st Edition)

The Essential Listening to Music (1st Edition). Wright, Craig

The Essential Listening to Music (1st Edition)


Craig Wright


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Editeur Schirmer Books
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THE ESSENTIAL LISTENING TO MUSIC, 6E, International Edition draws on the strengths of author Craig Wright's larger volumes—outstanding listening pedagogy, clear writing, state-of-the-art online ancillaries—and delivers them in a style that is designed to connect with today's students and inspire a lifelong appreciation of music. In this concise book, scholar and master-teacher Wright focuses on the key concepts and works presented within a typical Music Appreciation course, avoids lengthy discussions on side topics, and includes a set of integrated digital resources that make it easier—and fun—for students to master the material. THE ESSENTIAL LISTENING TO MUSIC, 6E, International Edition is approximately 60 percent shorter than the large volume and is priced much lower than our larger texts.

This chronological text discusses musical examples from each historical period, each discussed within its social context. This provides students with a sense of a piece's construction, as well as its historical and cultural meaning.

As an instructor, you can also tailor THE ESSENTIAL LISTENING TO MUSIC, 6E, International Edition to fit your specific needs by include additional content from the larger edition of LISTENING TO MUSIC.


  • The text is authored by Craig Wright, a renowned music historian, who has taught, and continues to teach, music appreciation for more than 30 years. By teaching the course every year, Wright remains in touch with what today''s students need to become personally engaged in the act of listening to music.
  • Full coverage of women as composers, performers, and patrons of music exposes students to the significant contributions of women to the music world. Women composers covered include Hildegard of Bingen, Barbara Strozzi, Clara Schumann, and Ellen Zwilich.
  • The instructor''s PowerLecture includes lecture materials, as well as Listening Guides for many additional works not covered in the text. These give instructors more options for teaching the repertoire they want.
(ISBN 9781111342029)