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Tuesday 19 March 2019

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Jonathan Stock: World Sound Matters (Book of transcriptions)

World Sound Matters (Book of transcriptions). Stock, Jonathan

World Sound Matters (Book of transcriptions)


Jonathan Stock

Editeur Schott
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World Sound Matters is a fully-integrated anthology of music from around the world, the entire series comprising: 2 compact discs of 58 traditional music recordings (ED 12572), representing 35 different countries - notated transcriptions of each recorded example (ED 12571), and a teacher's book containing explanatory texts covering the special context of each style and its musical content , with 2 sets of progressive pupil listening-based questions for each musical style (ED 12460). Suitable for use at GCSE and A level. Each unit is free-standing and can be used effectively on its own. Alternatively, multiple units can be combined, in any order, to provide an Introduction to the musical traditions of the world.The music incorporated in World Sound Matters has been carefully selected and prepared by the author in consultation with other music specialists and professionals actively engaged in music education. Two aims have been paramount: on the one hand, readers need analyses of a wide range of musical traditions which are both authoritative and yet remain accessible to the non-specialist; on the other hand, the many musicians whose work appears on the sound recording deserve a thorough and sympathetic study which neither cheapens nor dilutes their artistry. The result is a publication which should be of practical use to a wide range of musicians, from secondary school teachers to their pupils, from adults interested in knowing more about world music to music students wishing to specialize in this field, and to composers.

Content :

  • Introduction: Overview
  • studying Music of the World
  • The CDs
  • The Transcriptions
  • The Teacher's Manual
  • The Pupil Question Book
  • Other Reference Sources
  • Recording List
  • Illustration List
  • Credits and Acknowledgements
  • Topics
  • Japan
  • Gagakucourt music
  • Japan
  • Music for Shakuhachi
  • Korea
  • Music for Komun'go
  • China
  • Music for Qin
  • China
  • Jiangnan Sizhu Ensemble Music
  • China
  • Chuanju Opera
  • China
  • Tibetan Ritual Music
  • Mongolia
  • Diphonic Singing
  • Vietnam
  • Music for Dan Tranh
  • Vietnam
  • Work Song
  • Laos
  • Music for Kaen
  • Indonesia
  • Javanese Dance
  • Opera
  • Indonesia
  • Balinese Music for Gamelan Gong Gede
  • Philippines
  • Palawan Love Song
  • Philippines
  • Music for Aruding
  • Solomon Islands
  • Rihe Panpipe Ensemble
  • Solomon Islands
  • Rope Female Chorus
  • Australia
  • Arnhem Land Aboriginal Music
  • India
  • Music for Vina
  • India
  • Music for Nagasvaram
  • India
  • Music for Pakhavaj
  • Iran
  • Art Music for Ensemble
  • Turkey
  • Music for Ney
  • Egypt
  • Quran Recitation
  • Egypt
  • Taqsim for Arghul
  • Egypt
  • Music for Folk Ensemble
  • Morocco
  • Nawba Music for Ensemble
  • Algeria
  • Music for Ghayta and Bendir
  • Mali
  • Griot Song
  • Ethiopia
  • Song with Masenqo
  • Ethiopia
  • Chorus
  • Central African Republic
  • Song with Sanza
  • Gabon
  • Yodelling Exercise
  • Burundi
  • Whispered Song
  • Burundi
  • Music for Ingoma
  • Burundi
  • Child's Song
  • Mozambique
  • Music for Timbila
  • Russia
  • Play Song Armenia
  • Hymn
  • Armenia
  • Music for K'amancha
  • Georgia
  • Work Song 1
  • Georgia
  • Work Song 2
  • Romania
  • Professional Folk Music
  • Romania
  • Music for Cimpoi
  • Greece
  • Rebetiko Urban Popular Music
  • Greece
  • 1930s Folk Dance
  • Spain
  • Cante Flamenco
  • Portugal
  • Fado Urban Song
  • Norway
  • Hardingfele
  • Norway
  • Lullaby
  • Canada
  • Inuit Throat
  • Game
  • Canada
  • Inuit Solo Song
  • United States of America
  • Sioux Flag Song
  • United States of America
  • Texas Folk Song
  • Trinidad
  • Music for Steel Band
  • Colombia
  • Dance for Chirimia Ensemble
  • Colombia
  • Kuli Panpipe Ensemble
  • Brazil
  • Ritual Dance
  • Song Rehearsal
  • Glossary
  • Index
(ISMN 9790220118104)