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Gitaarspelen voor Dummies

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Monday 16 December 2019

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Jens Kienbaum: Abenteuer Gitarre - Vol.2

Abenteuer Gitarre - Vol.2. Kienbaum, Jens

Abenteuer Gitarre - Vol.2


Jens Kienbaum


Guitare avec cd

Editeur Ama Verlag
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Jens Kienbaum has worked as a music teacher ever since completing his studies in Instrumental Education under Hubert Käppel at the University for Music in Cologne. With his debut work, "Abenteuer Gitarre", he has written a comprehensive guitar course comprising of 248 pages, which can be used in private, school and group lessons. This course's recipe for success is based on pupils getting to know the full sound of the guitar as a harmony instrument from the very beginning and thereby setting off on a journey of discovery through the sound world of the guitar.

In the second volume, Jens Kienbaum builds on what has already been learned. In chapters 1-3, pupils will work on new techniques. The aim of this continuation is making the fingerboard accessible with the help of interval sequences and chord exercises in higher positions. Pupils will improve their playing technique with exercises for arpeggios, scales, apoyando, tirando, barré, slurs, ornamentation and tremolo. They will also practice different sound possibilities (e.g. flagolett, pizzicato and tamboura) and musical expression techniques (e.g. rhythm, tempo, dynamics and vibrato). In chapter 4, the author has collected diverse pieces from throughout music history: from seldom played to well-known and important pieces of guitar literature by Fernando Sor, Johann Sebastian Bach, Matteo Carcassi, Johann Kaspar Mertz, Francisco Tárrega and Augustin Barrios Mangoré. The pieces are all marked with the relevant level of difficulty and can also be integrated into a competition programme.