Bert Transcribed
Componist / auteur:
Bert Jansch
Zangstem en gitaar - Zangstem met gitaar (TAB)
Uitgever / merk:
Wise Publications

Bert Transcribed presents 24 songs by legendary singer-songwriter and guitarist Bert Jansch. Each song has been meticulously transcribed and annotated to detail every aspect of Bert Jansch’s groundbreaking style and technique. The result of years of extensive research by an international team of leading Jansch experts, this celebratory volume includes: - Guitar tab, standard notation, chord symbols, guitar chord boxes, melody line and complete lyrics for 24 songs spanning his entire career, - Extensive background notes and performance analysis for every song, - A comprehensive introduction giving insight into Jansch’s unique sound, - Album-by-album discography, - Exclusive coloursection with new photography showing Bert’s guitars.


1. Alice's Wonderland

2. Alman

3. Angie

4. Bird Song

5. Birthday Blues

6. Blackwaterside

7. Blues Run The Game

8. Bright New Year

9. Chambertin

10. Crimson Moon

11. Curragh Of Kildare

12. Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning

13. In the bleak midwinter

14. Is It Real?

15. Joint Control

16. Moonshine

17. Needle Of Death

18. Orlando

19. Peregrinations

20. Reynardine

21. Running From Home

22. Soho

23. Strolling Down The Highway

24. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

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