4 Divertissements (Extraits des oeuvres de J. Haydn), Op.13

Componist / auteur:
François De Fossa
Uitgever / merk:
Editions Orphee

Until the beginning of the 1980s, the figure of François de Fossa was mainly known by his relationship with Dionisio Aguado, a relationship that included de Fossa's collaboration in producing the two Parisian editions of the Aguado Escuela, and the complete translation of one of them into French. The situation changed radically in 1981 with the publication by Editions Orphée of a monograph which not only revealed very interesting and decisive factors in regard to the guitar quintets of Luigi Boccherini, but also included an important biographical study and a checklist of the known compositions of François de Fossa. Several works by de Fossa were published in later years, among which were works for two guitars, trios, quartets, an anthology of selected works for guitar solo published in 1990. De Fossa's Quatre Divertissemens pour la Guitare seule extraits des Oeuvres de J. Haydn, his Op. 13, was part of that anthology. The current edition of it was engraved anew, and completely edited and fingered.

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