10 Studies

Componist / auteur:
Miroslav Loncar
Uitgever / merk:
Les Productions D'Oz

These studies are progressive in difficulty covering aspects of technique from initial grade to an advanced grade 5/6 arpeggio study. Loncar's aim is to create fun music that is easy to play for the young student, but I feel that on the whole these studies are better suited to mature students there just isn't enough melodic content to latch on to, but there are some good things here. I like the first piece, a useful exercise with first position bass notes, simple chords on treble strings and a contrasting a m i pattern middle section. Number 2 is good for finger independence moving left fingers in turn within arpeggios, and the third piece has an attractive Latin feel With syncopation and major seventh chords. The fourth piece is similar to, and not as good as, many existing p i m a m i studies but I quite liked the fifth with its repeating bass figure. There is a rock influence in the angular slurred melody of the next piece with repeated measures but it failed to capture my imagination. 7 uses interesting harmonies and improved over several playings: 8 develops the use of rolled chords and some natural harmonics and 9 exploits bass pedals with alternating thumb and fingers. The final study has a beautiful opening in tenth position with cross string arpeggios but I found it less successful, with quite difficult left-hand stretches, in its middle section - good for independence of the left-hand fourth finger but disappointing musically. Presentation is excellent.

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