CelloMind: Intontation and Technique

Componist / auteur:
Hans Jorgen Jensen
Uitgever / merk:
Ovation Press

Have you ever doubted your intonation? Have you experienced the need to place pitches differently from one piece to another, or even from one measure to another? If so, you are not alone. Trying to decipher intonation is often frustrating and undermines the confidence of some of the most accomplished and talented musicians. 

CelloMind is a two-part, pedagogical method book that has been written to help musicians understand HOW intonation works and, more importantly, WHY it works the way it does. Purchase of the book includes exclusive access to an online resource portal with supplemental videos and audio.

Complete with thorough explanations and practical examples, CelloMind is designed to enhance and elevate your cello playing.

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